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Abbagoochie Empty Abbagoochie

Post by FoxyMystique Sun Nov 03, 2013 5:34 pm

Abbagoochie GW196H147

Classification: Cryptid

The Abbagoochie is about three feet long and ovly get to 35 pounds as an adult. It is all teeth and muscle. It can consume anything and is highly intelligent. AbbagoochieReaders of the Webster Echo learned in February 2001 that officials of the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources (WVDNR) had recently introduced thirteen baby Abbagoochies from Costa Rica into their state in order to keep down the population of overpopulated predators such as coyotes and rattlesnakes.

The Abbagoochies were described by the newspaper as being a fierce, carnivorous species. Costa Ricans referred to them as "dry-land piranhas." But according to the Webster Echo, the WVDNR's plan had soon gone horribly awry. The Abbagoochies had grown up and were now eating everything in sight, including "rabbits, coons, squirrels, dogs, cats, deer and even bear." Cows and horses had also been attacked. To make matters worse, the Abbagoochies, which had been imported to control the growth of overpopulated species, were themselves multiplying out of control.

Soon after the Webster Echo article appeared, sightings of the Abbagoochies began occuring throughout the region. Farmers reportedly began carrying shotguns in order to protect their livestock. Concerned parents walked their kids to the schoolbus to make sure they were safe. And one man reported that he had accidentally run over an Abbagoochie by mistake.

The original Abbagoochie book was written by my father, Jim Wilson, and published in 2007. Within weeks after this book was released, he was summoned to a mandatory private meeting in May 2008 with State and Federal Officials, which resulted in his sworn secrecy...........but why????

On Thanksgiving Day of 2008, my father went through a critical life event which enabled him to finally get honest about what he really knew about the Abbagoochies. Dating back to March 15, 2002 and every day since then, he has lived with an unpalatable truth. He kept it to himself and tried everything to forget what he knew, but he couldn't.

On this Thanksgiving Day, he broke down and shared this truth with me, in spite of the declaration of secrecy he was forced to sign in that May 2008 meeting with officials. With the information he provided me with about one year ago,we began to further investigate this truth. What was discovered promises to be one of the most amazing tales ever told...

This looming "panic state" in West Virginia is the result of my father breaking his mandatory silence about what he really knows about the Abbagoochies.

In spite of the possible consequences to him personally, he chose to do this because of his concern about the rising numbers of "Missing Person" Reports from several mountainous West Virginia Counties, including his own. This information has been thoroughly investigated, validated and verified.

It is now being released to the general public...

These creatures are currently being hunted by Local, State and Federal Officials.

To date, their efforts remain unsuccessful....

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