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Entrances And Expectations.

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Entrances And Expectations.  Empty Entrances And Expectations.

Post by GrimJaweMystique Tue May 20, 2014 9:11 pm

Entrances and Expectations.

-Draws in a breath then exhales to begin-

There is nothing more then an exciting entrance, its our moment to shine and we all know it. Within this leading post comes the first telling of magnificent tales told and a display of the characteristics that we proudly developed and own Its that initial and exhilarating spark that sets a blaze to our grand pixilated utopia of roleplay. We all love entrance posts, well most of us and for various reasons, which wont likely be ignored. While some of us paint vivid and accurate pictures whilst others would like to paint the canvas with haste. All is well with each of these constructive method and the inquiries to be had about “Entrance posting” might be: Is there to be any form of reactions to the introduction of our characters? How do entrances really pertain to the roleplay? What are the expectations, if any at all? Well, I feel obligated to answer each of these inquiries with the rising tension among roleplayers as to entrance posts themselves. As always, I suspect there will be some controversy, and for those of you reading this, understand that each of us goes about our R.P with rules that are either are endured and accepted either by a major population on Imvu, or at least rules pertaining to a selective group that may distinguish themselves with a version of their own standards. So, merely I will state that perhaps this does not apply to you if you have such desires to disregard this. Needless to say I will carry on at any rate.

Where to commence? How about the beginning?

Entrances posts are conjured up to do just that, execute our characters entry into a roleplay. The basic variation usually includes a brief description in appearance, on occasion a little history as to why or how the character came into the vicinity of the region selected and periodically the mentality that’s been equipped to the character described. Entrances are also a wonderful way to get the creative tale flowing, but only if recognition is given to the post in whole.

So often is an entrance post either ignored because of the excessive length or it is actually written with an overbearing description and because of such it bleeds the readers dry of their interest in what could have been phenomenal piece. (This is based on the audience, not every reader will find your work fascinating at any rate, what can I say, we can’t always obtain victory) First and foremost, we as roleplayers do not type up an entrance post for it to be initially ignored, only later to have a fight ensue because someone was to “lazy” (using the term loosely) to read through the majority of the post. Now typists, keep in mind that you do have readers, if you want to capture the mind of these individuals try to keep your entrance posts smooth and consistent, give it a little texture and add in the substance. If you are reader/player that ignores the entry of another character, do not be surprised if that when you type and deliver your own entry post, that part of it is voided. Why? I’ll tell you why. Because everyone is so bent on kicking in doors these days, that you might, yourself, attempt to kick in a door that no longer exists. As fate would have it, there is likely only going to be one door and if so, how do you believe that your character is going to kick in the very same door that was kicked in moments prior? This is a very generic example, but I am sure that you readers have gathered the just of what I am saying here. If someone kicked in the door, it will be obvious unless your character is blind (even still), that the door no longer existent for your character to subject its hostility upon. Also, unless your character has some kind of attribute that alters the environment and thus I want each of you to keep in mind this fact. When character A types an entrances and it’s an astonishingly beautiful morning, use some logic and apply that fact. For if character B then post its was a horrific and storm filled evening in the next post, some how in that few minutes between posts it has gone from morning to eve and not only so, but a abhorrent change in weather has just abruptly arisen as well. Now obviously, if you have entered in some three hours after the first couple of entrance posts, you may want to consider asking for the environmental setting as far as weather and time are concerned. I’ll go so far as to mention that if Typist A ignores Typist B’s characters entrance with no mention of Character B in Typists A’s next post after Typist B’s introductory post, that Character A is unaware of Character B’s position. (Did you follow that folks?)

!!This is optional, and its best not to press for anything much further then this as you do not want to metagame nor mix. !!

My next portion to be delivered is actually derived from the above example of “Door Kicking”. Things that go boom. We like a little calamity from time to time, hell it can be absolutely enthralling, but remember that even a few laws of reality work in this world of words.
Why Grimmeh, whatever do you mean? Let me inform you. You might like to have your character come ripping through a ceiling on some enormous friggin dragon , flames a burning, shattering floors upon impact. You might even like knocking that flimsy door in front of you clean off its hinges. That is perfectly understandable. Understand this however, your entrance will if acknowledged (As it should be) effect the environment. Say for instance, character A has been relaxing in the rafters for the last three or four posts prior to character B’s arrival. Character B arrives in a flurry of chaos and comes flaring through the roof top, slamming through the ceiling and plummeting onto the floor and impacting it in such a manner that it causes pure devastation to the establishment. Turns out, Character A in reaction was flung into a wall and thereafter impaled on a large sliver leftover from the broken rafters, though luckily enough due to the species he/she manages to survive. Because characters are entitled to have a reaction, it turns out that character A is now pissed off not only because character B just demolished their establishment, but has also caused that character physical harm. Now Character A has decided that its method of revenge is to bring about demise to character B. You the typist of character B, have no freakin right to get angered by the fact that the typist to character A is using his characters mentality to have your character slaughtered. Why? Because it’s the characters reaction to the careless acts of your character. If you contemplated your entrance and how it might affect the roleplay, your character might not have an angry demon tempered and out to collect your characters bones to rebuild the ceiling with. No excuses, don’t want a dramatic character reaction, don’t have a dramatic character entrance that results in a form of destruction to the facility your character has come to enter, unless you as the typist intend for your character to handle any of the other characters reaction, no matter how violent the reaction might be.

Expectations, vary with the type of roleplay that you are commencing within along with your own intentions for what’s to come of the situation, for if the intent is solely for battle, then you may want to consider adding in the attributes/appearances both physically and supernaturally and be assured that you should also insure the mentioning of your arsenal and armor. Without the complete listing (Can be creatively done in a entrance post) of any one of your attributes/arsenal and armor, it thereafter ceases to exist if mention is forgotten and is exempt of us within that battle simulation. Bare in mind that an agreement to accept bio’s can be applied and in thus in doing so it lists the attributes/arsenal/armor for your character being utilized. With combative roleplay aside and into a more formal and tale telling roleplay, the expectation is to role over your character’s physical description, beefed up with some form of mentality along with a reason for placement within the current realm/regions/plain/Empire/Coven/ etc etc. The expectation is that not every character will have a reaction in the mannerism you as the typist will wish it to have, some characters are murders, some of them emotionless, some of then hungry, some of them emotionally distressed, some of them friendly, some of them retarded. O__O; Oh frick! Scratch the retarded part out. . . even though I have seen a few mentality challenged characters. Anyhow, attitudes will range due to the circumstances within the story line on hand. We don’t all roleplay in a sugar spun world, nor do all of us live for gore either.

In conclusion I have come forth with this explanation of such a simplistic (My opinion) frame of roleplay due to the fact that I have found that a multitude have a hard time comprehending reactions to the initiation/injection of their character into the/a roleplay , or haven’t a clue what is to be expected and to be included within the posts they have created. My coverage of this topic has been loosely generalized in terms of being within “strict regulations” because in the overall truth of this all we do not all apply the same foundation to the “game” we the roleplayers have chosen to unite under. So I’ve relinquished this brief document to address a few of the many inquiries that I have heard and replied to over the duration of my stay on the Imvu Client. Now I ask that if in agreement to this informational segment and that perhaps if you are a group owner that you thread this educational piece, or if exceptional enough to be pulsed over, please feel free to do so.

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