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The Huntress's Pride.

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The Huntress's Pride. Empty The Huntress's Pride.

Post by Admin Thu Mar 02, 2017 2:24 am

DeiahAsadoMystique: It was the amplification of the mortal's heartbeat that intensified the expression within this brooding vessel. Clear--stoic--orbs reciprocated furtive seers as Deiah caught a thorough sight of the female's apprehensiveness. The woman pleaded. Silken pearls streamed across porcelain cheeks that the demon could not restrain a touch upon such refined flesh; a finger would flick a crystal drop astray. "The scalpel…" Kaskada (NPC) would raise the thin instrument towards the maiden. The assistant would then begin to tear the fine fabric wrapped about the female's stomach. Snickering, would she continue with her task, which instigated the purging behavior that bequeathed the demon. Her domain remained in its professional state and Deiah implemented this law. Without a single wavered warning from the femme, a brusque yet concise movement would send the thin blade across Kaskada's neck. The incision had caused the summary of quite the fatality of a sawed off vein known as Jugular. Blood profusely drenched the marble floors beneath the undead's soles. Gurgling in her own misery, fragments of peeled tissue showed a clear image of what she had faced. There was no remorse, for Kaskada was the thirtieth that month. A creased forehead began to arise, disarranging the demon's palette. Thoughts of convolved theories stirred in her head. Disarray was her concentration to which involved a mixture of recollections. Perhaps the open air would do good--nay, great--for her. She refused to work with such indecency that this woman had to wait. Another would-be scientist had entered to which Deiah would immediately instruct upon, "Drain about 89 CC of her spinal fluid. Fibromyalgia should occur when I return. See to it that she is awake upon instrumentation." Her words filtered through blood earned lips like a serpent's venom. Strides were taken accordingly before ending her trek upon the Athenaeum. She needed a moment to herself, and she had hoped to find such a privilege in this premise.

FoxyMystique: -Trekking through the shores of the Rakdos De Majesty lands, the demon known as Mystique would venture to the secluded island that Foxy’s Brat inhabited. The venomous lass wore her murderous attire, which consist of a jet hue colored coat that reached the earth’s surface. Some could say Mystique was dressed for an occasion because her lips were stained with an onyx lacquer and her tar locks draped down to her back. The night had just started and the dead had just woke up from their slumber with screams echoing in the near distance, to which at this point human’s would be nowhere in site. A plume of mist was conjured from the cryokinetic elementalist. The mist came in the shape of a viper that reached out to twenty feet long. Mystique’s ashen orbs squinted then she’d nod with approval. With obsidian boots on, her first step into the calm lake would be met with the viper cloud of water. The villainess made sure Ryuu her beloved Belcher snake was coiled around her neck as if he was a scarf. Malice shrieked out of hate, he let Mystique know it’s not nice to play favorites, it’s his turn to play in the blood bath this time.- Sshh Malice. Let’s not forget the other ten who haven’t yet had a bath in a while either.- Once both feet were on this vapor, Mystique motioned to move towards the daughter of Foxy’s, the daughter known as the odd one or rather Deiah. As the liquid moved in a rapid pace Mystique’s hands would constantly be in motion going in the direction of the scientist. Once the darken one made it to her destination she would crouch down low veering her head from left to right. Within one leap that’s all it took and she had made her way to the roof of the establishment, those cold beams of her scouted the perimeter looking for a way in. The grimacing look upon her face said it all. –There we go- A cracked open window was all she needed, and within a few seconds the huntress made her way into the beam work of the lab where she would squat down to see who was within the vicinity.-

DeiahAsadoMystique: Gales’ defined presence revolved about; her eloquence perceived to be a soothing favor. A —seemingly — placid demeanor plagued the theorist, whose furrowed temple disproves such. Yet, it was only of recent duration that trivial thoughts contort themselves in crevices of the dame’s mind. If if it had only been days long before that the matter surface and conclude itself appropriately would the tremors of the hidden past be buried ten feet under. Oh how bothersome. Distractions were, to be precise. Countless graces of eve’s visits had the chalice of Iris wonder as to what had become— How all had become. An equation that remains to be a crippling affliction to the logical persona that Deiah embodied. Research proved to be relentless, but the luckless exertion ensued. The certain odour of a familiar spice tickled the alchemist’s palette; coaxing a raised brow was the convincing response. "Hmm…how uncommon….” The femme wondered in suspicion enough to render her attention towards the direction of the guest. Seers encapsulating the depth of ash gazed upon a figure at a distance. “To what do I owe this visit…/mother/?” The diction in one's terse statement was evidence of the asocial’s development. An exampled contrast to what had passed. Indeed, the serpent’s kin boasted an evolution, but the keen thinker remained unmoved. The perplexity of the empress’s enigma persisted, with which the nonchalant fifth took as a mere trick. The hint of sarcasm that laced around the honorific, bestowed, was a way to beguile the visitor of the entitlement she may ‘request.’ Lips pursed and orbs drew to slits as the familiar stench further impeded the verses that pestered; just an adequate spruce of venom added to the mixture. The focus now remained non-faltered, garnering a response. After all, conversations required a duet.

FoxyMystique: -Words had been vocalized with no demeanor backing them up. Once the lab rat spoke, the demon plummeted to the marble floors below. A rancid smell imbued her nostrils as she came closer to the odd child. There was a hint of plasma and formaldehyde lingering from this body that now stood in front of her. A long drawn out gaze Mystique took sizing this lass. Morbid fantasies played out within her mind of how she desired to kill Foxy’s little darling Deiah. –Yes Malice, it’s your turn.- His body made from carbon steel and dipped in alloy, he was a foot long, one side of his was serrated.  Sable leather bound for the grip, the blade was so sharp it could split hairs in half. Tugging at the bottom brim of her lips, the cold one would formulate her words carefully. – I rather not get into formalities kid! In fact I was here to get something, you can leave now.- There was a pause waiting for the scientist to respond. Once more Mystique’s smoky beams glared at the soul in front of her.- You can leave or I can make you leave but I promise you this Deiah, you will leave in one of those body bags over there. –pointing to a carcass that now was consumed by a bag  from head to toe. Malice was aimed towards the dame’s torso, one more step in either direction and the twelve inch dagger would find its way inside of Deiah’s body. This could kill her if the blade was to make it all the way through.- Your call my dear. What’s it gonna be?

DeiahAsadoMystique: The exchange deemed appropriate as seers followed the trace of threat before her. There was a limit to being social in this explorer’s book whilst the lass allowed the damned before her to finish. Courteously would a palladium fiend— an appendage if you must — gracefully eavesdrop to the /evolving/ transaction. Pronounced silence bled through the stoic vessel whose locked orbs lay upon that of feral matron all had called empress. Alas, a pace further was taken. A companion abiding by its mistress ensued. The acute awareness it proposed encrypted in its awareness. The heeded warning noted as the slender curvature of its design wander on point. Its slithering articulation would be returned upon being commanded. The sheer mock that this compelling negotiation displays is a form of insolence that the host abates. It was, nay, is ill-advised to enter the premise of the keeper. Thus, undermining the inevitable; blood before blood. Zephyr’s taunts perpetuates, transcending further in its state. At bay, would the unwilling wallow in reticence: Intervening was not an option. “You’ve come for an ingredient.” A sole statement in reciprocation to the ominous ultimatum affirmed.

FoxyMystique: My My young child I’d advise you put your tail away, I wouldn’t want you to be tailless. – The viper known as Mystique wouldn’t back down from the locked gazed the two had engaged in. Pulling back the dagger known as Malice, the lass would take a small step back as Ryuu slithered down her elongated torso. The emerald plum of the fog began to gather within the lab as Mystique’s demon tail danced to the sadistic thoughts within her psyche.- Funny child, you should say “ingredient” indeed I’ve come for something like that. A soul, and in particularly yours’s. I need an ingredient for my spell.- Taking note of the zephyrs un-tameness within the atmosphere would be problematic unless the situation was dealt with. Once Ryuu made his way to the door and opened it, the freezing temperatures surrounded the proximity with open arms. – Let me ask you something kid. How did it feel watching your father’s head plumage to the earth below? I heard his body trembled after the fact. Juju made sure good old pops would never walk on Xiyian planes. You’re pretentious father was weak and needed to be killed. How does it feel knowing you’re related to that filth? You are pathetic for not standing by his side even though the death was imminent. You showed no loyalty to your father.  No wonder you aren’t liked, you’re a disgrace within the Mystique clan. I myself could care less either way, I just need your soul for my spell. I hope you understand that this isn’t personal. –An amused crooked smirk made its way across her face. Not once did the vixen look away. Mystique could feel the frigid temperatures decline along with the jade hue that took refuge within the establishment.-

DeiahAsadoMystique: The ‘child’ that the lass had spoke of merely grinned towards the ceremonial display concocted. Convinced seers conducted their accurate observation. ‘Hmm…interesting…’ the thought passing in nature. Oh what a delightful extravagance. “Noted…” Deiah had responded to the loose admonition and took this into consideration as one’s ally —slightly— rests: Caution at bay. The noticeable preparation was conveniently reprimanded by the collective nature of Gale’s interests. A piqued curiosity indeed whilst acquainting herself with the viridescent guest. The flirtatious exchange would coax, intermingling prior to encapsulating its uninvited entrance in one whole twist. “A soul? Such energy...harnessed….yes...” The experimentalist continued in vague momentum, before turning her gaze and frame — yet remained aware — away. Steps were then taken towards a desk riddled with parchments and illegible publications. The rambling of the matron ensued. It was lucid, yet, unwarranted and therefore irrelevant. “You should know me better by now…/mother/.. I would’ve thought you to be../most/ perceptive.” Words calmly slithered past in riposte as digits found the page required. The insolent’s death had long been a withered memoir: Unforeseen and Unfortunate. Those of whom know Deiah were aware of the realist’s ethics. “..ocior.” The quick flick to the next script would agitate Zephyr further, inflaming its internal position; he heeded with rapture. Subduing the tundra’s elation had been preceded by the flight of those silently beckoned. Through the ingress, onto spanning the ceiling above, would the myriad scribe; the coterie’s rounds deemed similar to a charming cotillion. “Fascinating…Triangles, may I add...mortal geology has become….” The ill-defined commentary, required, from the experimentalist would subject— the cognizant lot complied. ”Wouldn’t you agree?” The averted gaze of the lass focused then onto the clothed abomination nearby. The unguarded /help/ revered in its mistress's words. Its skittish frame nodded in agreement towards the quaint acknowledgment. Cylindrical appendages — arguably limbs— would reach for an antiquated receptacle containing those of Amethyst, Agate, and Diamond “Immediately, Sir!” was all it vocalized prior to stumbling its way to the source. “Such an amalgam….” the experimentalist supposed before locking her fading seers onto that of the Madame. “What shall you test? My peculiar past?…How trivial…” Words bound by a single premise chastised, whilst gloved palms caressed the brim along the chest before lifting the top open. Thus, the intriguing silence, shortly thereafter, was taken to be a tacit conclusion to the aforementioned.

FoxyMystique: -What the hell is wrong with that retard? Mystique couldn’t figure out why her nerves weren’t frayed. As the demoness watched the cold winds take away her properties, the femme fatal took a deep breath and arched her brow towards Deiah.- Do you cherish your lab dearie?- The scientist had rambled on about triangles and seemed to dismiss her creator. Without hesitation the liquid made into a twenty foot serpent had been called upon by his master who spoke parselmouth. –Ness trell vess ddeebaastassseelll.- The viper sprung from the cold water, crystalized beads formed it’s head. The translucent snake bared down it’s fangs that could be five feet tall. Pitch blotches of darken cobalt hue could be recognized as the vipers seers. As this creature took form, the body that had made was about to break through the compound of the establishment known as Deiah’s lab. The wielder of this beast was making this mystical crystalline creature come to life. Alas, Mystique glared toward the scientist way making sure she knew that this was it. What was the brat to do? The beast had been let loose and one call from his master would have the lab set in shambles. –Look outside! Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Again this isn’t personal. –Walking towards the back door, the temperatures wouldn’t be bearable for the average creature to handle, let alone for something to move in. –Morentee viaddda.- As if it was an explosion outside the monster was within seconds from breaking the roof of the building and swallowing this female known as Deiah. – See you on the other side.

DeiahAsadoMystique: The warning was convincing to the remaining inhabitants that scoped for refuge. From the distance would the towering structure obsolete all and their ’Sir’ to nill. Zephyr’s taunts hastened, almost climactic. Ships, vast beyond, would feel the repercussions of this rising condition from both wielders. The dome, the sanctuary of one intellect, welcomed these vehement greetings. This, overtime, was justified by the quelling curiosity incurred. Hence, the focus spirals to the unveiling. The three that would link one spawn to its kin was the collective agenda at present. All efforts fueled the personal matter that plagued the lass. Alas, unbeknownst to all, particularly to the Madame, the truth would surface. “Affer mihi sapientiam tuam. Verum dicetur.” ((Bring me your wisdom. Truth shall be told.)) The recitation left palpable lips in its own crisp accord. Instantaneous was the effect as the contract between the forces at bay and that of the demon bound in one swift sonata. Immediate tremors were sent to corrupt the marble crust beneath soles. While each and everyone were in agreement Yet, Deiah remained resolved. “Affer mihi sapientiam tuam. Verum dicetur.” Verses were repeated almost as if repenting. The once fading seers of this cultured beast soon reflected the opaque hue of Luna. The chest released such luminescence, almost blinding in nature. All were aghast as the curdling shriek and the ailing wails of those cursed announced their arrival. Mouth agape would the transit intellect receive Persephone’s blessing in abundance. From their swirling flight would each and every single offspring enter the beckoning vessel. The grotesque display only alarmed the rest, an addendum to the chaos about. The wise conveyed its secrets, equipping and aiding the child of Rakdos with the knowledge she sought. And moments after would the trance halt into a state of serene affirmation: It was now known. Seers abruptly open— a cohesive revelation delivered. “I am that of his. Juju Asado. I carry his name.”

FoxyMystique: -As the chaos climaxed her ivory limb pointed towards the treacherous behemoth.- Halt- Mystique’s serpentine orbs zeroed in on the lass who spoke of fallacy. – How dare you! Don’t take me for a fool you wench!- Chards of glaciers spewed from the lucid reptiles mouth.  He was feeling off of his masters emotions. As the crystal spears darted downward towards some of the laboratory equipment. Within a few seconds Mystique found herself next to the experimentalist who’s been known to get what she wants, and all in the name of science. –Pretty smart plan you concocted my dearest Deiaaaahhhhhhhh. Unfortunately you have no proof and this blather is becoming rather mundane. I will give you a minute to prove yourself, and if you can’t fully convince me of this deception you speak of, I will have my ophidian engulf you, and as your body spirals down into its gut the temperatures will freeze you and those the little-pointed objects known as ice shards will impale you. Once that is over he will drag you to the bottom of the lake where your carcass will lay until I am ready to let you out of my domain. Do you understand me? Nod at least, fool. - When hearing his name it made her weak and that is something that she promised herself she could never feel. Those emerald beams and his appetite for carnage were a few memories that plagued her mind. Shaking her head with a murmur that escaped her lips.- Never again.

DeiahAsadoMystique: Abating the destructive progression of both prowesses had become clearer as the silence interweaved through the abandoned crevices of the domain. It was the tension, nay, the demanded clarification that impeded. Alas, as the last spiraling tundra hit, and the few remnants of sound escaped from shattering apparatuses, would Zephyr’s calmed demeanor cradle the crumbling architecture within. Questions unanswered, presumed, circulated the minds of those that remained in the audience, whilst the singular statement that left the lips of the matron had coaxed the single nod required. Sealed lips began to part. “Your blood…it resonates…hi-is” The uncommon stutter of ’Sir' seemed to have stirred weak distress among others. The whispers had now coursed through the perimeter, each informal query lucid to the ears of the one they speak of. Nevertheless, the resolute focus of one Deiah Mystique remained settled on the callous femme. “Do count the moons that have passed before your ailment. Genealogy predicts...” The momentary pause encouraged the repetitious inquiries that had plagued a realist’s mind. This was the only explanation to the demon's construction; her own design alluded to the two damned souls she would know call ‘kin’. “I wield Zephyr. This should elucidate the matter. The meager folk refer to it as, ‘common sense.’” The addition was not delivered in mere jest, but as a logical realization. The late Fenix did not have the aptitude that his -supposed- youngest acquired. Yet, the succubus did not question his own daughter’s adversity towards venereal affairs. A joke if you must, but a few did ponder this in silence. The strength and skill set of the fifth daughter of Rakdos proved to be commendable and in contrast to that of Kastino’s withered emperor. “Take it as you may….I am not one for superficial theories..” the concluding statement of the young Asado was was the embodiment of her given title

FoxyMystique: EVERYONE GET OUT! Except you Deiah. – Mystique had been taken off guard with the muttering of this child saying she was his. The perplexity of the situation became relevant and not to her contentment.  For a brief moment the villainess indulged into the past, thinking about his laugh while torturing a pathetic fool who had just happen to be passing by. That night there were no stars out, and the moon had a slight sliver hue that gave off just enough light to see one another. She recalled the male biting her into lip and making it bleed, only afterward to be licked up by him. There weren’t many words spoken between the two monsters that eve, just an understanding which made them one knowing he wouldn’t leave and that she didn’t care. He loved her even without ever saying it. The fluttering memories just wreaked havoc on her soul, and this was a sign of weakness. Gazing downward, a slight liquid drop escaped her right orb. The months, years, and days added up. Sizing this female up closely, there was one thing that stood out that she couldn't deny and cemented the fact that she was his child. Deiah was a wielder of wind whereas Arizen was just a incubus and there was no way that he could have been the father to her.- You could be telling the truth, and if this is the case then no one will know you are the daughter of Juju Asado. He was a terrible mistake. Love and emotions will get you killed young lady. Come forth Deiah, I want to tell you something. - Mystique stroked Malice as she spoke to the girl. Pulling at the hilt of the blade, it was Mystique waiting for the young one to step forward. – Don’t be afraid, it won’t hurt. - Mystique’s demonic marbled orbs glared while waiting in anticipation for the blood to spill.-

DeiahAsadoMystique: Loose shuffling laced with the troubled moans of those shunned hounded the intellect’s abode. An entangled lot — without known ambivalence — parted far from the two bodies that stood at bay. It was the silent pitch, harmonized with intrigue and doubt veiling the cub and the tigress. Sentiments. Quite uncanny and meddlesome. It was sheer instinct and Intuition that undermined the fact presented. Facts. Instilled and ingrained in a realist’s philosophy, the former duet remained constricting in nature: Almost, drowning. Hoary orbs fell upon the porcelain tone before her. It was a demon’s plight to express the unforgiven. The single pearl that pardoned flesh had been noticed and regarded. “Rare do I dabble in affairs that prove inconclusive….Quite the agreement. I would prefer the latter. Endeavoring in affairs that which consist matters that pertain to society’s mourned ethics shows negligence.” The taut blathering of one — seldom — coherent mongrel was the manner in which she asserted the feral natured. Alas, expanded words could not evince the dubiety of the demon from her forthcoming revelation. Perhaps it was the aforementioned that led Deiah to believe in the anomaly: Fate. It was in this curtailed eve that the Matron— who the lass had firm desire to /consult/ with— found herself in Zephyr’s lair. Yet, despite the haste and capricious theatrics that ensued, the calming decline had somehow comforted the troubled mind of one particular individual. The knowledge that had restricted the thorn from its growth was now adequately addressed. That is, with Luna’s blessings, would the called digress all notions and step forth. Aware that of the what greeted her; the blade called Malice and its protruding vigor well defined. “My blood is useless beneath soles that weep. You, of all, should now know of this.” A response keen to allude.

FoxyMystique: -The crystallized beast was frozen in time and as the sands moved forward with the moment so too eventually did her behemoth serpent. A fierce screech echoed throughout the mountains and the liquid viper plunged into the uninhabited lake. Ripples of waves washed ashore Deiah’s compound, as the last hint of the beast went under the azul waters. The shuffling of feet had been heard leaving in the opposite direction as the vixen. Once the demoness and the scientist were the only one within the lab, Ryuu slithered toward this person whom claimed to be his cherished loved one’s daughter. As the girl moved towards Mystique Ryuu skimmed across the onyx marbled floors. His smoky hue scales glided on top of the canvas, with venomous fangs protruding centrifugally his eight foot form began to erect itself as Deiah came forth. Malice was within his master's right hand as she gripped the leather shaft. Suddenly the mist from within had begun to turn into frozen vapors, the once sterile environment had transformed into crystalize utopia with frigid temperatures. As soon as the setting was complete the demoness tail stopped. Just taking in the scenery,  her clouded seers ventured towards the one proclaiming to be her daughter. – As you can see, the colder it is the more my demeanor will change. This isn’t an invitation for you to call me Mumsie. If you do, I will turn you into an ice lawn decoration of some sort. – Ryuu, at this point, had been standing up right waiting to see what was going to take place next with the hellion. Malice could taste her flesh and his blade glistened awaiting a time for the flesh to be torn open. Mystique’s left hand moved outward with her palm up. This was an indication that she wanted Deiah’s hand. Was this young girl going to be slaughtered and given to Foxy and Grim as a present or was this going to be a chess piece that could prove to be of valve? Deiah would soon find out her destiny. Will she die or would she become the tigress cub?

DeiahAsadoMystique: The commanded plummeted into the depths of its abode...the scene proved theatrical. The halting effect was succinct, yet the manner in which had been graced with such a delicate touch that the act itself was ironic. Glossed floors, drenched with the tears supplied by that of Neptune’s fortunes, hinted at one’s unmoved soles whilst the echoes of troubled accomplices exeunt, plagued the halls to the last marveled second. Alas, the duet remained isolated, whilst the limbless /critter/ acquainted itself with that of the unorthodox Mystique. Granted, the gesture returned by the accessory common to the physical structure of this heathen. Its spearing tip gazed straight, almost life-like, into the boring eyes of the cripple before it. Though the ambience proved to be contrary to a heart-warming reunion, it was more endearing to say the least. The exercise or rather, the party trick that the Matron was displaying only drew one intellect’s interest closer. Was this emotional display the cause of what partook? Perhaps it was Asado’s memoir that convinced the present of the fallen beau and their /lecherous/ affair's conception. Such a conclusion did leave a sour taste in the tip of one realist’s tongue, but to the surprised,this newfound fiction consoled— Assured. The temperate domain had coaxed the anomaly: The tundra slowly forming. Others would wither and succumb to gelid nature surrounding, yet Deiah neither conformed nor faltered. “Mother….” was all was said prior to seers calculating all movements up front. A palm — upright — was lifted and laid upon that of its bearer. Aghast filled notions would question this ceremonious sight, but silence overruled any tempering that may arise. It was a moment that — hence— voided judgment allowing free-verse and sentiment to stir that of a daughter’s hand into that of her mother’s.

FoxyMystique: The hand of the daughter of one ice enchantress came forth, Mystique’s steel orbs squinted while words had been muttered from her lips. The demoness leered upwards as the crystallized powder fell upon them both. Within a few moments the canvas inside the structure had been painted alabaster, and the sky had riveting hues of slate mixed with saffron and a thick ash blanket that intermingled with the other two shades.  As the pearly drops fell,  Malice would be in Mystique’s right hand, he was quiet and could feel the energy from his master. Piercing the young one’s flesh, her ivory skin began to peel open and the vermillion liquor spackled the untainted snow. Watching to see if the young girl winced, Ryuu stood beside them both trying to make sense of this situation at hand. Wasting no time at all, Mystique slit her left hand with plasma streaking onto the knife.  This ritual wasn’t close to being concluded, there was blood to be bound by. Holding the young in’s palm, Mystique’s blood and Deiah’s would infuse together. There was more to this than to be expected. Clenching her hand tightly the blood illuminated as they met. Mystique could see into Deiah’s life from when she was conceived to the moment this meeting took place. As the visions ran rapid in her head, her tail flung left to right. She thought her beams were shut but nay all the images were there for her to see. The bastard Arizen Fenix to Foxy along with her siblings and her lab work. Taking a deep breath, that meant Deiah could see into her past. This bond would forever seal the fates, Deiah was the full fledge daughter to Juju Asado and Mystique.- I will forever guard you with my life, but I will ask for you to keep this secret silent between you and I. If others were to find out, you will be hunted and killed for all of the treacherous things I’ve done to others. I don’t regret one moment of it, merely the fact that you could be in danger should  any others come to know. – Slowly pulling her limb back, Mystique picked up Malice with her right hand while  licking the fluid from her left hand. Ryuu gradually coiled up, all that could be seen is two beady eyes peering out at the two women.      

DeiahAsadoMystique: Unsettling images pleaded remorse casted by the profound lass that willed; the tremors of one’s— nay--either’s past projected questionable indifference. Was it the melancholic sonata, or the mimicked overture from one heathen to her offspring that bound this harmonious composition? The scorn of one’s eager aid upon surrendered flesh was catalyst to the ceremonious exchange. The infallible /tot/, at that very moment, winced in the slightest for digits of slender architecture curled to cast its form about the maker’s. A weak gesture deemed emotional significance, in turn, almost admonishing nonchalance. The tenderness surfaced, rationalizing to its fullest. What sorcery beckoned?! The collapse of instinct— untampered from birth  — molded to entreat one’s nurturing: It was archaic, yet baffling to that of the young damned. Seers reflected by the brood bore into the depths of this enigma before her, the mother. The stench of their conviction remotely observed as past kindly graced the present. It was a balancing act, to say the least; an invitation to disagree upon. The poignant reminder of the passing of time differed from one lass to the other in the slightest. ‘She' who have never loved, now evoked the young one’s greatest fear to thought. How could it be…. it was the kind recollection of the situation, infused with the darkness that surrounded their souls that tore into each volatile heart. Puncturing through to instill, at least to the precocious one, that there is but one individual that could surpass and awaken intuition. “You have my word…mother.” Fell — as hoped, not— on deaf ears as the tightening hold of one daughter upon that of her mother’s relayed the sentiment.

FoxyMystique: -Mystique peered down as the sanguine nicely etched into the snow, holding her daughter’s hand and feeling the energy radiating off from the young one. Mystique couldn’t help but have a sense of emotion towards Deiah. Grasping for a tighter grip, the blood bound the two. –I have yet to say this to another soul but since you can see what has happen, it’s only right you know. My heart was his. - Dead locked into a stare, trembling as the two held their hands together. Ryuu began to slither towards Deiah’s feet. He’s under belly could be seen as he had lifted himself to her height. The viper lashed his slick onyx tongue inches from the offsprings face. Mystique finally broke her grip, the garnet juice spewed everywhere once the clasp was released. Once stood a warrior of the mind and body, now stands a mother and protector. What was to become of this tigress? – I don’t know what more to say to you. This is the most I’ve talked in years. Just know Deiah that I’ve got you. – Giving her child a wholehearted look of tenderness, the woman known as Mystique whistled for her water beast. Soon from the water emerges the liquid viper. Prior to her leaping onto her monstrosity, Mystique saw Ryuu still in front of Deiah. – Come on my friend.- There were slates running down his spheres as he made eye contact, and with one more flicker of the body part would it touch Mystique’s kin? If so, this was to be looked at as a kiss from her beloved. A peace offering if you will. Once Ryuu showed his soft side he darted up onto his beloved ones back and tethered himself around her neck. At this point Ryuu and Mystique were about to ride off when the vixen tossed a necklace at the young Mystique. –If you ever need me rub the gem and I’ll soon come. Till we meet again dearest Deiah, I bid you farewell- As the spritz of water doused her face, this would masqurade the weeping in which was not going to be seen by a soul. – I have a daughter.

DeiahAsadoMystique: The last remnants of blood trickled down as doting ellipses upon the dank surface beneath. The tightening grip further fused the now conjoined souls elicited. The ignited thought of one perished Asado had only livened the faith that one day his unearthing plight may come to test the two. Alas, such would one digress, whose stance, non-faltered- remained direct. Orbs still as Luna’s gaze from towering heights prolonged its endeavor. Each and every pore and/or stretch of skin from her ‘keeper’ was consumed, almost relished upon encased with the underlying fact of knowing. Granted, it was comfort of knowing: The simplicity of this all. The casting display of the ominous serpent jolted the exchange between mother and daughter. Deiah’s short retraction found her pair step back a pace. The nearing aroma of a familiar associate begged to intercede with which aided by the prompting emersion of one behemoth. The descendant merely listened to Mystique. Nodding in the slightest as she gave confirmation to the words that slithered past one’s lips. But, before shadows pursued the mysterious taunt of this demoness, a token of endearment, if you must, would the acknowledgment of THE ally— with sincerity — bestow upon pallid cheeks. Deiah stood with calmness and not caution; far from what would had been before. Rare would the daughter of Rakdos err or on the side of certainty. The gem falling gracefully into the pierced flesh of Deiah only affirmed the connection now established. It was the underlying trust and understanding that had now informed either of what union embraced the two. The souls of each tied in a delicate and ornate pattern that could only be broken by unbiased chance— if any. And as a nod was returned whilst the exeunt of the dame morphed into the vast emptiness before her, a soft and almost yearning response was delivered. “Goodbye mum…till we meet again.”

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