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Gaia: Species within.

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Gaia: Species within.

Post by FoxyMystique on Tue Oct 22, 2013 10:12 pm

Balla : Said to be a holy species of Cows/Bulls that inhabit the grasslands of Gaia.

Physical description: They vary from 7 to 9 foot in height while remaining on all four hoofs. A weight of 12,000 pounds can be obtained by the gargantuan beasts. A Balla Bull has horns that have a length of 14ft.

Mental Description: Most Balla are relaxed and remain calm and since they are so kindhearted they are often seen on farms as they are used to plow fields and carry cargo. Some Balla will play with their owners establishing a since of loyalty. Balla are very protective creatures and will not let harm come over one of their own or those that they are seen as loyal to.

Nutrition: They generally consume grass, weeds, leaves, oats, flowers of all varieties and other such vegetation. As herbivores they will not devour anything other than fruits, vegetables, grasses and other such plants.

Skoll: A unique wolf species whose breed is extremely rare. In Gaian legend, a sighting of a Skoll is said to bring prosperity upon ones house. Spotting a Skoll is a once in a lifetime opportunity but just like any other wolf, these too are pack animals.

Physical description: Like many wolves these canines are on average 6 feet long from head to tail and 2 -3 feet tall in height. Unlike the traditional wolf, this particular species will love up to twenty five to forty years in a life span. Skoll are easily distinguished by their ivory and raven hued coat. The raven coloration are actually said to be toxic quill that carry a neurotoxin twice as potent as methylmercury within their hollow structure. These wolves have also within their biological arsenal a set of canine teeth measured at approximately three inches in length and half an inch thick with a composition that has a great likeness to adamant, at least in terms of strength.

Mental Analysis: These are pack animals who serve to protect each other in times of danger, while they are predatory and work together it is also this particular species that remain scarcely seen as they are skittish creatures. They have a devotion to one another as a pack that goes unrivaled. They will attack if continuously provoked or agitated and it is said that these animals do not forget an attacker.

Nutrition: They are an omnivorous animal choosing to consume meat and vegetation alike. They will choose the weaker of the prey before deciding to take on the stronger. At times they can be seen working in a team effort to bring home a larger prey.

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