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Adlet (or Erqigdlet)

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Adlet (or Erqigdlet) Empty Adlet (or Erqigdlet)

Post by FoxyMystique Wed Dec 04, 2013 12:28 pm

Adlet (or Erqigdlet) Adlet

According to Alaskan Inuit legend the Adlet is a bloodthirsty race of canine like hominids said to be the offspring of an Inuit woman’s unnatural mating with a ferocious giant red dog. The woman became pregnant with this creatures offspring and later gave birth to 10 fur covered canine like children.

According to this legend the terrified Inuit woman sent 5 of these children across the sea, where they sired in what the Inuit referred to as the white races. The remaining 5 children are said to have remained close to the woman’s home, where they slowly developed into vicious cannibalistic warriors.

Although the legend of the Adlet is surely based purely in mythology, some researchers have linked this tale to European legends of the Werewolf.

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