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    Adjule/Kelb-el-khela Empty Adjule/Kelb-el-khela

    Post by FoxyMystique Wed Dec 04, 2013 12:25 pm

    Adjule/Kelb-el-khela Concept_Adjule

    The Adjule, also known as Kelb-el-khela, is a cryptid canine, often seen in the North African region, especially the areas in and around the Sahara Desert. Reported primarily by the nomadic Tuaregs, and Théodore Monod in 1928, the adjule is said to be a phantom which takes the form of a dog or wolf. Variant names to it creature are kelb el khela ("bush dog") for the male and tarhsît for the female. However, despite still firm belief in its existence through modern urban myths, this cryptid has since been debunked and its sightings attributed to wild canines mistaken for the adjule, such as the African Wild Dog which is now extinct in certain areas of the Sahara. There is one unconfirmed canid-like animal sighting from the coastal area of Mauritania in 1992. Hunters living in the coastal areas of the Western Sahara, to the north of Mauritania, described an animal resembling the wild dog, which hunted in packs. However, this was not confirmed for Lycaon pictus species (IUCN/CSG, 1997). It at lest 2.5 feet and weighs from 30-40 lds. It has very thick skin.

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