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History of the Regions: Rise of the Centaur

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History of the Regions: Rise of the Centaur

Post by Admin on Mon Oct 21, 2013 7:36 pm

Sikander: Year 3434 of the third age: The world has become filled with mystery, magic, and fantastic creatures that dwell across the face of this planet in every color, shape, race, form, and size. Lands of wondrous apologies yet to be discovered lay at hand for the soul who seeks for adventure, but beware for behind every door lies a legend yet to be foretold. Such an adventure was about to be had as destiny would have it , for across the plains of the Wild Ones and beyond the mountain pass of the Illirian Valley a cry was heard. Word had spread of an evil brooding, and evil that had begun to manifest in the dark places of the deep, people missing, disease spreading like wildfire, and earthquakes tearing terra firma for miles upon end. The nameless fear was on the lips of a helpless people, and so the call was answered. It has been many a year since Sikander Orose son of Palathier, scholar and High council man from the clan of the NightBreed , had traveled past the borders of his home in Acheron . As a young-ling, Sikander had been birthed in the archaic majestic city of Brehmen hidden in the isle of the Hebron mountains; the city of the Centaurs. This world is a growing one, and the days of these creatures would someday end, even now in this day and age there was but a few hundred thousand left. It is those days that this world will morn when all these illustrious beings disappear from its own view. These were not those days, however his mind does wander over the days of his youth where he had enthralled in the company of the boy whom he had called friend, and named brother. A kind heated soul yet very different to the young-lings of his own clan, the two had become fast friends, running about causing mischief as young boys do, but as all things this too came to an end. By the time they had reached the age of learning their paths became separated, each sent away to learn in the ways of their forefathers in the name of the All Father; Cherion. One called to the profession of the learning in the ways of the stars, while the other in the ways of healing and protecting of the lives held in the balance. To this day Sikander often wondered what had become of his old friend as he soon became a High Priest in the name of Cherion. Heavy tuffted hoof falls ensure him a well gated pace onward towards his destination, while the coarse dark brown plaits of his tail, and the softer wind blown tresses of his mane crest behind him. Greyish brown fur relents at the base of his lower waist and fades into a paler tanned bare skin, his upper torso erect and moderately built; no he was no warrior per say, but he was not one to be trifled with in the least. Runic symbols can be spotted here an there across his forearms, wrists, neck, and chest. Eyes filled with the deep blue of a starry night incandence in the shadow of his dark brows, and symbolic parallel lines are painted across the surface of his jagged face. A ornate self accustomed bow and quiver decorate his back, as there is no room on his saddle for it carries books, and tools of his trade. Trained in the secret arts of the Seers, the Runemasters, and the Starkeepers, the Order saw it best to send him in answer to the plea for help, and the strange occurrences progressing. It was said to be something perhaps of the spiritual forces, and was to be looked into immediately. So here he was, looking down upon the town of the assumed damned souls that are in need of salvation from on high, from the ledge of a cliff overhanging the towns edge as the sun shined its glorious rays down upon the quaint town. Sikander squinted up at the giant burning star and rose a brow in protest, a cynical frown spread over his jowl, and he snorted. " So they would send the best of the best hence forth to this underdeveloped hole in the mud?"

Thanatos: -His head bent down as he was praying inside the temple known as Okanu Vedra. His last three years had been served as a disciple to Chiron. The father’s in the holy land had been baffled from the town’s people carrying on about havoc being caused, people missing or even dying. The wind talks in mysterious ways and it’s words had finally reached the holy land. Thanatos was chanting to himself as he over heard the rumors. All he wanted to do was give himself in a divine way to his God. What better way then to help the innocent and heal what damages have been done? His buck skin was a light hue; the honey wheat locks graced his back. Once the seven foot six inch centaur stood the male’s yellow Safire’s pierced one of his holy brothers. – I would like to go my brother. I feel as if I’m ready to serve his almighty. I shunt ask for help nor will I ask for food, all I ask is that I make this journey and find out what’s been going on in the lands of the unknown.- His voice stern, he looked directly at the others who stood around yapping on about the deadly ways of this forbidden area. Thantos wasn’t reluctant, in his mind he knew this was his destiny; Thanatos would be in good hands with the lord watching over him. Once the priestly males deliberated they came to a conclusion. The young one would take the journey alone. This was a testament that needed to be proven, to show his faith in Chiron. Merging his hands together he then bowed his head, thanking each and every one of them. –Praise our merciful lord for his will; this is what I am here for. – Thanatos believed whole heatedly that his god set up this mission for a reason. While making steady steps to his dormitory, the saintly young one would gather some of his belongings. He prayed asking for God to guild him through the obstacles he would encounter. In the back of his mind the male asked for Chiron to protect his family while he went on the spiritual adventure. A boy then came running to his side with a gleeful smile. Nodding to the young one, he spoke.- Good day Moranze, and what do I owe the pleasure?- A satchel drug behind the colt. One could only guess what it was. –It looks as if the sack is carrying you my friend.- A husky chuckle roared from his vocals. The glimmer in the kid’s eyes seemed innocent and sweet.- Thanatos I come baring food for your pilgrimage, we are all very proud of the sacrifice you made in order to help god’s children. Handing over the plentiful bag of food to Thanatos.-Thank you for your kindness it shall not go without my warmest gratitude.- he responded while making sure that the edibles were fastened onto his broad back. Staring at his swords Chi, and Ron, Thanatos placed his beloved friends on the right and left side of his forearm. A golden bow glistened in the sun as the warrior placed the beauty on his upper back. As he glanced around to see if there was anything he left behind the sparkle caught his golden beams. Reaching downwards and holding it close to him, the stallion made his way to the land of the unknown. What little did he know that a friend would be standing there where he was told to go.-

Krista: (Previous Night)
The strange boy had picked her up the small female child seeming to be no older than seven, Krista laid upon the ground ground barely moving but for the sobbing and howling that escaped her lips. As the boy propped the girl up against the tree a soft ashen grey hue fell upon the boy’s gaze. He brought something to her lips and her hand came up to bat it away. Once more he did the same, she could see his lips moving saying something. She could not hear him. The only sound was the sound of her heart beating like raced war drums trying to drown out the sound of the twin blades. For once they both spoke in unison the dark drow tongue trying to burrow its way into her mind. “Al xunor dalhar elgg l'yibin lu'morfeth nind yorn dosst ehmtu. Elgg l'wiu p'los uk shlu'ta elgg dos.” (Drow: Well done child kill the weak and make their power your own. Kill the boy before he can kill you.) Reaching up she grasped hold of her ears and let out another howl. “Dosst rahi ph'stained xuil vlos. Ele vrine'winith nin, dos inbal doera l'ilhars klev.” (Drow: Your hands are stained with blood. Why stop now, you have become the mothers tool.) The magic from both spiritual blades glowed brighter and brighter for those that could sense it. The fact that the matron mother bound souls had started to take root in the child’s heart started to give them more power. The boy had stood up in some sort of frenzy while the body that of the man she killed burst into flames. Knees brought to her chest as she shook her head screaming louder and louder with each passing moment. The Voices of the souls rang louder and louder in the girl’s mind trying to fully take control of the lithe form. Tendrils of ebony had plastered themselves to the round face as if they were tiny fingers afraid to let go. The redness of the girl’s face as well as the heat that radiated off of her was clue enough to the condition she was in. As the girl's eyes became heavy she once more clenched tightly to the long leather coat that smelled of the man who brought her comfort. Darkness quickly took her once more into unconsciousness, leaving her lying limp and seemingly lifeless. The twin daggers fell from her small fingers to lay upon the ground long forgotten the voices had faded off into a forgotten nightmare.

Jade: Stepping down into the soft tan grains, they wedged their way in-between the nooks of her toes just as she twisted her little feet with each step she took. The wind blew her raven hair around as she looked across at the inlands just as she had done every other morning. Rakdos De Majesty was known for its beautiful although horrific landscapes and oceans alike, but this particular shore was the one she had always loved. The slate-stone cliffs that overlooked the beach was rather breath taking in it’s bizarre beauty, with its smooth ledges and the lush coniferous forest that stood tall in the distance which served to captivate the 12 year old. Jade awoke every morning only to rush down to the shore, it was her comfort zone. She Made her way over to the moss layered bolder that she so often sat upon nearly every day; casting rocks into the sea as she sung her hymn out into the air. It was just as the sun had left her face that she looked heavenward catching a glimpse of Garuda; a Demon bird that had often come to fetch the occasional fish that may flopped around among the lower rocks, as so often the tides washed them ashore. In this encounter with the demonic avian she was less fortunate as she had become a victim, she felt herself clipped by the aerial monster and quickly lost her balance, she tumbled unwillingly and fell into the obscure waters of the black ocean blow. As the rolling waves sucked her in and then rammed her back out in repetition it was the roaring of the hellish tides that defied her screams for help and yet there was not a soul around to hear such plea’s. She coughed hard as her lungs began to fill with water as she continually struggles to stay afloat quickly losing sight of the mainland she was to be stripped of. She kicked her feet up in panic as she tried desperately to make to the surface of the rippling waves as she was forced under once again. It wasn’t long before her limbs fell limp becoming numb to the frigid water and while near death she looked to the skies as she surfaced and there she softly spoke out with what might seem to be her last breath. “I love you Momma and Diddy.” Eyelids slipped shut. Something, somehow and from somewhere had reached down grasping firmly a hold of her arm, all the while pulling her up slowly; it was to her what seemed to be an angel. She had only ever heard of them in old tails not once having seen one but before she could process all that was ongoing in that moment, she pass in unconsciousness while being whisked away in the winged man’s arms and into safety. This was now nearly seven years ago and yet the tragic memory flows freshly through her mind although difficult to differentiate between memory and that which dreams are made of. She turned and from her lucid dream she awoke, flipping the covers from her and sitting upward while gripping a hold of her knees. The same dream once again and those near crippling thoughts rippled through her vast span of her mind. Both feet were now firmly placed onto the chilled floor and without hesitance she stood making way out onto the balcony she kept watch on the ocean overlooking the timbers that stretched out beneath the structure. It wasn’t long before she had dressed herself in an attire fit for royalty, which of course considering the regents of Orahma had kept her safe since her childhood, wasn’t much of a surprise. Her gown alabaster in shade, her slippers snug against her feet, she’d make her way through the door. Passing the guards that flocked around the large stone castle, she slip passed the bridge making her way to the forest as the huge full moon would have lit the way to the sparkling water that reflected in the distance and through the overhead cape of the greenery. She found herself out to the edge where soil met sand and taking in a deep breath she slid her shoes stepping off into the grains, twisting her feet as thoughts began to rush her conscience mind . She drew closer as the aquatic body thrust past her legs rising upward to her hips. She watched as the memories raced back to her, memories of a women and man that had been laughing, playing in the sea. Entranced she failed to realize that she had been engulfed by water as the waves sloshes back and forth, the tides having begun to pull her into the sea. Awareness came and when it had a struggle ensued, once again she’d fight in order to pry herself from the oceans grasp. It was then that someone had grabbed hold of her, pulling her back to the shore, back to safety. Coughing, she tried desperately to catch air with her panicked gasps, the burning from that agitated those eyes were consequential to the encounter with the mighty salty sea. She closed her eyes for a few moments only to have heard a man’s voice.“What do you think you were doing there?’’ He inquired. “I.. I was thinking and got lost in the moment I guess?” She really hadn’t known precisely what happen; all she knew is one minute she was thinking and then in the next she was damned near drown. She coughs once more before looking to the dark headed male. “Thank You.” She felt his hand warmly roll over her pale cheeks, pressing firmly he’d speak. “Come on, let’s get you out of here and get you dry.’’ He’d pick her up and made way on over to a mare of charcoal hue. There he helped her up before pulling himself up onto the mount and thus they began their movement. He started asking a vast amount of questions all of which were on a scale of wide variety, she would have graciously smiled only to answer them even whilst she knew not where the two of them were headed, she merely knew that he was mesmerizing, captivating to her mind. The owls sung their night songs as the warm air wrapped around the both of them, along the path they were on. Ending back up at the monumental aged stone wall outside they made their way along the establishment have having wandered on their way to a lush flower garden, the sweet smell of the roses were strong as it was mixed with a hint of wild daisies. There, at a platform, he hopped off slowly turning only to reach up holding his hand out to in order to help a maiden down. “Where are we?” She softly whispers out whilst sliding down the side of the horse. She then had lain eyes on a seat and it was there her footsteps had taken her. She glanced up at him admiring his fullness of his face, blushing likely because she was taking by his looks. They’d talk all night until the sun almost dawned , with pleasurable ramblings and moment to get familiar with one another. Jade found herself smitten with a handsome male known to many as Kenshin. After those long but wondrous hours he had then taken her back to her place. Smiling as she thought back at that time when they first met she turned only to look over to her little ones playing, laughing and having a wonderful time. Walking back over to meet him at the feather stuffed sofa she leaned down to him kissing him softly. They had everything she could ever dreamed of, Queen of the Kingdom that he inherited after his father had passed, her children. Her life was full, but something haunted her.. Her past her blood family. Do they remember her? Have they looked for her? So long ago was it that everything happened and still she longed for them every night in dreaming about the place she was extracted from. Her thoughts were soon interrupted as guards walked in bowing to their majestic Queen before leaning over and whispering into Lord Kenshin’s ear. The look on his face grew stern when Kenshin rose from his seat walking over to the window looking out just before he firmly spoke. “Gather the horses we must go.” Looking over to their children then back to the guard. Jade was reluctant but urged for the server to watch over the children before locking her arm around her beloved and whisking him into the next room. As he talked she wept and her thoughts fell into a fog of worry and fear. “Love I have to go, there is no other way around it. Look I want for you and the children to go seek out your place of origin.” She looked up as shook filled her face and her voice trembled. “I do not remember where to go.” She peered at the tile below her as a disheartening look overcame her. “It was so long ago Ken.” Silence grew between them “I have people that will lead you to a place , after everything is finished I will come for you.’’ He choked out, leaving her to watch him walk away bur not before he relayed to her something she’d cling to. “ I love you, I will come back for you.” Within a few minutes he was out the door kissing the young ones before he had gone running down the steps to the others below as he let them know what their orders were. Looking now over to her little ones, she reached out to them all the while pulling them close to her and hugging them tightly as the others came to gather their things in order to set off on a trip to find her bloodline. It had been Days that they have been on the trail to seek out her past, no one was really certain of where we were going . She’d wonder what it would be like to see everyone just once more.. But really who was everyone? Would they push her away or embrace her and her loved ones with open arms? Lost in the thoughts of her dreams as her two little ones slept. She’d begin with the abandoned empire, Kastino fena. When her sea vessel breached the shores of the dragons favored territory, she would tell the captain to find a place to anchor the ship. Surely, someone must have answers and she’d harvest them. The drawbridge was dropped on the gargantuan ocean fortress and she moved forth, a horse with two children and a full adult and her savings now on the move. To the town of Delsuria she’d go, perhaps she could find rest for her kin and herself. She thought long and hard about what she’d say when she’d reconnect with her family, her siblings, should they remain amongst the living these days. First though, she would find rest. Hopefully there were civilians to accommodate her needs, this was after all…..The Abandoned Empire Of Kastino Fena, or perhaps….just perhaps…..that was lore. Here, she would arrive at the gates of Delsuria. This was certainly a moment of truth.

Thanatos: -The air was stagnating and dry. Gazing at the land it seemed to be vacant and desolate. Thantos couldn’t put his finger on it but there was no life around this village. Maybe the townsfolk hid in fear? He had thought. - In daylight? – He mumbled to himself. At this point Thantos stood above the town and he could see it from afar. Thantos perked his right brow at his beloved comrade who also scanned the area below.- My friend I shall go first and see what’s down there. Once I feel as if the land is secure I shall whistle for you, but please don’t come before then.- The stallion forged to the left and on down the steep mountain. Gravel pushes up letting out pebbles and dirt from were his hooves were being placed. At one point Thantos almost lost his balance but that was until he stormed down the embankment. His mane thrashed about as the male headed up to a top speed of 40 miles per hour. Bull brute power and strength he has. At last the Gelding made it to his destination. Taking out the elegant bow he placed it close to his chest and followed by that was an arrow laced in wolfsbane. Thantos didn’t like to fight but if provoked he could handle his own and then some. In a low tone he muttered- Is anyone here? I mean no harm. I was sent here by the priesthood of Gaia . –Slowly creeping forward he came within feet of the buildings. He’d heard a few noises but just figured it was just the animals of the wild being mischievous. Feeling a sensation of prying eyes on him he stood tall and commanded whoever it was to come out from hiding.- I demand of you to show yourself before I come in after you! –The bow and arrow were ready for his firing command; the animal stood well over six foot and an half and his muscles seemed to bulge out from his chest piece. Not wanting to be ambushed Thantos nodded to his friend above and that was in hopes that he too would take out his bow and arrow just in case anything was to arise. A vigorous shaking started to take place. The ground began to move and the buildings swayed back in forth. A bewilder look Thantos gave as he had not known what he’d got himself into. All of a sudden the earth opened and a goat had stood there as the hole opened. Before he knew it the ground engulfed the animal up at once. He jumped to see that was going on. In his mind he thought to himself. ‘I don’t want to get to close just in case I’m next’.-

Krista: Her dreams were filled with fire, darkness, and shadows dancing across the walls. Flashes of white, and crimson, her heart filled with terror and pain. Fingers gripped at the rough wool cloth that lay soaked from the sweat beneath her. Coming in and out of consciousness, hazy was the vision of someone leaning over her. She could feel the cool touch against her flesh as someone washed the sweat from her burning flesh. A scream erupted from her throat as if someone had shoved a red hot poker through her belly. Her entire body heaved over the side of the bed whilst trying to crawl away from some unseen attacker. The ground quaked for a moment only to engulf her screams. Her body shook as she was weak from fever and sickness, the lack of food was evident from the cheeks that had started to sink in against the sharp cheekbones. It was evident that this child was hanging on to life itself as her body collapsed against the cool wooden floor. Strong fingers wrapped up under her body picking her up. The once pitch hair now stood a stark snowy white against her moist cheeks. Tears fell down her cheeks while tired whimpers fell from her lips. Fingers tried to grasp at whoever was carrying her back across the room. “Im...Im..sorry pappa.” The words just above a mouses whisper. Once more she had been laid back into the bed and covered up tenderly. Soft sounds of a lullaby filled her ears, though the tender sound gave her no comfort. The daggers had been placed in a box as well as the leather jacket and moved under the bed that the girl now slept in. Fingers gripped at the blanket in a half sleep pulling it up protectively up over her form. Her clothing had been removed and set on a chair next to the bed, leaving the child in nothing more than a pair of panties to cover her modesty. A frown was plastered to the woman’s face while she sat there stroking the girl’s face with a cool cloth continuing to sing the lullaby.

Jade: Looking down at her little one’s she had seen that they were wore out from the long trip.It burdened her heart to see them in such a state. Turning about she’d glance around to see if there was a haven or something so that she could find rest for herself and her children. She saw nothing but an abandoned building and no one to be found. She decided to see if one of the buildings would be fit for them to rest, looking up at the driver of the horse drawn coach she’d speak . “Stay and keep watch over them until I get back.” Bending down and grabbing a hold of a dagger she’d make the choice to take it along with her just in case something or someone tried to assault her in the process of her search. She’d trek her way down the overgrown pathway of loose plants and souls and up to a wooden door she slowly started to knock. ”Hello, Is anyone here?” She called out softly and awaited an answer. Nothing. She knocked once more only to wait again before placing her hand onto the door knob to turn it slowly. She could feel her heart beating up into her throat. With her shoulder she’d push the rest of the door ajar. As daylight shined in to illuminate the room, it only revealed a fire place with a thick layer of dust that appeared as if it had not been touched in years and all the while a table and chairs sit off to the left with a lantern that seems to be filled with oil. “Perfect!” She said to herself. Now walking in and taking note of the other room off to the right she’d move forward taking a glance at a small dusty bed that sat untouched just like the rest of the house. Happy with what she had seen Jade turned and rushed back toward her carriage. She’d give the ok to the driver just before reaching in and gripping both of her small children. “ Come on babies. Mommy got us place to stay for the night.” Turning to look back up to the drive she’d speak. “Please Sir, can you grab our things so I can get them laid down?” With a smile she turned making her way back to the house. Once she arrived with the children in hand she’d set the down just before making her way over to the table to see if she would have been able to siphon the lantern of its fluids.

Avril: Avril Elaina slowly lifts her head up toward Jade, her sleepy glossy white eyes met her mother’s as a light smile crossed Avril’s pale pink lips. She watched her mother reach for something as she spoke to the driver only to then have herself remain inside the carriage that they had been riding in for hours. Too tired to speak, the child sat still listening to the adults while her eyes watched her mom disappear into the darkness. Turning her sight to her twin brother with a slight giggle at his sleepy eyes rolling back into his head and shook often as he tried to stay awake, she would lean against him in a cuddle while letting her mind roam through things they had been through so far as she awaited Jades return. Avril closed her eyes for a moment only to quickly take her back to the day that she had last seen her father. She remembers his kiss upon her soft cheek as he rushed out the door leaving her to wonder where he was off too and when he’d return. Looking to her mother as she welcomed her in to her loving arms, the conversion between the children’s parents ran through her head even though only few parts that had been heard were kept close in mind. Avil’s father’s voice still rung in her head.” Daddy loves you and will come back for you all as soon as possible.” A tear slowly fell from her closed eyes she shifted her attention to the long ship ride they had took. It seemed like it took forever to get back to land and the sick feeling was still rolling around in her tiny stomach. Hearing a soothing voice call out her, eyelids flung open only to see her momma reaching out to take Avril and her twin in to her arms. “ Momma? Is there spiders in here?” The little one asked as she took a step inside the dark place and then was shown to a wooden chair at a dusty table. Sitting down slowly as the darkness filled her eyes, Avril waited for her mother’s next directions.

Thanatos: -Staggering backwards to regain to get his footing, it was a plume of smoke that busted upwards towards the centaur. Having his hand on the bow and arrow, Thantos was ready to release and fire the venomous arsenal. An echo could be heard and it was of the goat crying out for dear life and yet those cries began to drift. Thantos’s golden orbs fixated on the hole that now seemed to be roughly about ten feet by ten feet. Quickly his head moved to the right then to the left. In disbelief all he could do was stare down wondering what the thing was that happen to make such a ruckus and cause the earth to open. Being religious, the animal clasped his hands together and thereafter bending his head down in hope that the almighty Cheron could hear him- My glorious one, in this time of need I ask of you to give me guidance and wisdom on figuring out what was before my eyes. -A soft moan was heard and leaves from the oaks danced in the gales and as the brush kicked up these leaves were carried down into the never-ending pit. – You want me to go down there?- As if a pungent smell had entered his nostrils the Stallion glared once more at the entrance of the hole.- So be it- Delicately placing the poisoned arrow back in it’s quiver, Thantos headed towards the middle of the town in hopes to get items for his journey. Stumbling upon a weary store that seemed to have a few things he needed, a crackly sound could be heard as the door opened. Slowly entering in the room he wondered if anyone took ownership of this establishment. A raspy old man spoke from a distance and his silhouette was seen from the back of the vicinity. This male was thought to be a Chimera. Thantos had thought to him self that he must be an outcast. He looks to be an unholy being and from the likes of it, it seemed that the vocals were almost hidden to conceal whom he really was.- Good day Sir, I was hoping that you might be able to help me find what I was looking for. – A withered finger pointed to some rope while the stranger replied. – Is that what you’re looking for? Oh, and let’s not forget all the essentials you’ll need along your journey .- Immediately the gelding thought that this person must be from the underworld. Puffing his chest out some.- Sir how did you know? –The shadow now brought toward the light exposed to sight a strange fellow dressed in a onyx robe and who had found his way next to Thantos.- You need more people…. The people are waiting for you. You just need to find them here in the proximity.- Handed each piece of equipment, Thantos piled on the tools he required and before he knew it his hands were full. Taking some gems from his satchel. - How much do I owe you? –His head turned to the lad and it was the stranger that was now gone and found to be no where in site. – Retrieving the money from his pouch he placed them on the counter. –Thank you for your help. I’ll be right back to pick up the things.- He’d contemplate where he should look for others to join him on his quest.-

Krista: The humming of the lullaby had stopped. There was a rag left to rest on the small child’s forehead. The sound of heavy steps thumped against the floorboards of the house. One way then a pause, then once more they became louder as the robust woman entered the small room with the child once again. The creak of the chair echoed in the small room while the woman sat back down. “Sit up child. You must eat.” The heavy scent of sage, garlic, pepper, salt, and a multitude of other herbs and spices assaulted the young girl’s nose. Fingers quickly pulled the blanket up over the small girls head with a whimper. “No... it tastes yucky and I’ll just throw it up anyways.” She mumbled through the thin cloth at the woman. “It will make you better. I know sweet child that it doesn't taste very good. Please child, for me?” The woman tried to plead with the child. The covers were slowly drawn downward and just enough so that she’d been able to see over the brim of the thick cloth. A visible flinch was seen as the woman caught sight of the right empty eyes socket. Letting the left eye of a soft gray hue fall on the woman she noticed the reaction and quickly pulled the blanket up over her head again. Whimpers were heard as the girl tried to hide her sobs into the hay stuffed pillow. She hated that reaction, she hated that she was ugly and deformed. Broken. “I’m sorry, please child.. Please, I’m just not use to seeing it is all. Please child, please eat?” Once again the woman tried to plead with the child. After a few moments of more sweet words with no response from the girl the woman stood up. “So be it child. Die for all I care!” Of course they were not truly how the woman felt. In fact the old woman’s heart broke each time she saw the small frailness of the young girl. The gods had blessed the woman with barren soil and so she had never given fruit from her own loins. She couldn't force the child to eat, sweet words could not convince her to eat, maybe fear could drive the child to do what was needed. The sound of shattering pottery was heard as the bowl smashed against the door as it was closed behind the woman. “MY FATHER IS GOING TO EAT YOUR HEART!” The young girl screamed and pulled herself from the bed. Unstable legs quickly planted on the ground grabbing the box from under the bed which contained her things. Her vision was still foggy but the girl was pissed now. Anger burned through her already tempered body. She moved to the door not caring that the glass gashed open her feet. Blood ichor oozed from the wounds that went completely unnoticed by the small girl. The woman stood there mouth open eyes wide with fear as she watched the small girl storm from the house in nothing but her panties. Though to be honest if one was to see her and not look down her chest was so unformed at her age it would be hard to tell if she was a girl or a boy.
Krista: (Blood is suppose to be Black*)

Jade: Two stones cracked against one another as she had knelt down. Her intent was to create a sufficient fire. She blew air slowly at a wad papers and a cloth soaked that had been saturated with oil that was obtained from the lantern which had been previously found on the dirt littered table. As the whoosh of ignition resounded it was apparent that the intended articles had been set ablaze. She’d bring herself back upon to her feet and as she walked over to touch the small child she softly spoke out to her. “No hunnie, I do not believe that there is. She heard the coachmen walk in with their belongings of which she’d come to pull out a couple of throws and place them in a corner, stowed away for use in due time. She would make way to the siblings and pick up both children only to set them down next to her. It was here hopes that to two of them would rest in her arms. She’d watch them baring a smile as she began to sing to them just like she had done from the day they were first born. Her mind raced back in time to a period where they all were happy and life was stable for her family. All she had now were worries about their safety. Would they make it to her home long forgotten? Back to a family that no longer knows her? She’d close her eyes and she permitted her thoughts take her to all kinds of places. Before long she was deep in slumber.

Avril: Avril watched her mother ignite the fire place having stuffed in paper to light it. Tilting her head to the left and resting it against the back of the chair, the small one begin to hum a song her mother always sung to her. She’d slowly close her eyes and a moment later she felt her body lift from the seat and twist into a hug. Smiling and nuzzling to the warm body and she’d take in a deep breath to inhale Jade’s scent in the midst of mumbling. “Momma smells pretty.” Drooling a little from the right corner of the mouth it was her tiny hand that wiped it away. She was laid down with her loved ones and tucked in. Not long after everyone had settled in, the sounds of sleep and the creaking of the old house was heard. It disturbed Avril’s sleep and she sat up looking around. Her eyes kept shifting focus and going back to the other room as if something stood in the darkness and was hoping she’d enter. She shook her creeper thoughts and stood tall and in a hurry, but carefully as not to wake anyone. She’d take bold steps toward the room while holding that little chin up high like a brave knight. She marched right up to the door frame and paused peering in. The moonlight shown through a dusty cracked window and let the wind whisper in the blackness. Placing a foot inside the silent bedroom, it was Avril’s heart that raced and it was as though she had no air to breath. Darting her white eyes toward the right, a shadow caught her sight and she froze up. Before she could move a large rodent ran between the girl’s feet lightly brushing up against them and then scampered off through the hall way and into a hole by the fire place. Twisting in fear the tiny body jumped in the air. She shook as a scream belted out of the strong lungs. She’d flop to the floor in a rush. Avril landed on her stomach and smashed her fist to the cold floor only then rolling over and kicking her legs into the air while tears streamed down her face. “It touched me! It touched me! Momma! Momma save me!”

Thanatos: -Wondering in which direction to go, the gelding strutted forward towards the center of town. A subtle voice he had heard from a distance. - A child in this perished land? - Squinting those honey hue beams, it was the warrior who plunged onward. Thanatos’s bushy mane swayed from the breeze and his hooves had tread lightly across the loose gravel while making sure that he couldn't be heard. Both of his fists clinched tightly as he had been waiting for someone to ambush him. This vacant town wasn't what he expected and in fact he thought there would be more people but to his surprise a few had been seen. The stallion couldn't get the girl’s voice out of his head and he knew he’d heard her say “momma, momma”. Was she in trouble? – Little one, are you hurt? – A concerned looked swept along his face. Galloping towards the direction he’d thought she’d be; he would come to another wide sink hole. His back hooves skid on the dirt conjuring up dust as his front legs almost went into the endless ditch. – Whoa…another hole! –Placing his right hand on his head in disbelief he was flabbergasted. The hole was old and was apparent just by looking at the dirt; it wasn't a dark brown color but rather had turned to a flat tan color from the sun beaming on it for days on end. The roots from within the void had wilted and retracted from the gap. He’d now begun contemplating to himself as to which burrow to venture down and start the journey once he had other people to join him. Quickly veering to the right, Thanatos was on a mission to find people and yet it was night time and he needed to take rest just for that evening. Slowly entering in a domain, it was the gelding that stood there almost eight feet tall with his chest budging outward. In a husky voice Thantos spoke. – I come with not the intent to harm a soul, I look for refuge for the evening and if someone would be so giving as to allow me to stay for a night I would oblige the kind invitation.- All he could do is wait for a reply. As a precaution he’d place his hands outwards so that whoever was there could tell that he wasn't going to hurt them.-

Krista: The glass in the bottom of the girl’s feet dug deeper in unnoticed by the child. Though it did not go unnoticed by the rather robust woman that came tumbling out of the house after the girl. Black foot prints followed behind the girl like some sort of breadcrumb path laid out for any that had wished to follow. Though the rotund woman stood upon her porch mouth hung open gaping with pure terror. Just what was this little child she had taken in? NO it had to be some sort of demon meant to trick her. “BEGON EVIL SPIRIT!” She screamed out after the child as the girl fled down the dirt road disappearing down a nearby ally. The woman quickly turned and ducked back inside her house closing the door tightly behind her afraid at what she had allowed into her home. What sort of beast had black blood and took the form of such a sweet and innocent child. Though we are getting a bit off track from the story at hand. For this is the story of the small girl that was now running blindly down the narrow dirt path. Ducking under clothing lines that had been strung up across the walkway dangled with cloth obstacles. Krista’s eye was closed as tight as it could as the same black liquid streamed down her cheeks like ink drawn rivers on ivory. One word was chanted over and over on the child’s lips, “pappa”. He was her anchor into this world and now he was gone. Not even his scent followed wrapped around her in that comforting blanket of leather. Oh god how she wish she had his coat right now, wished to have that sickeningly sweet rot stench filling her nostrils. Created for nothing but a toy to be broken over and over, Krista had never before known fear of her own death. That was till she had met the man she had claimed to be her father now. It seemed now that every time she turned a corner that fear was once more digging its way into her heart. Even before the ground rumbled she felt it. The shift, the shake beneath her bare bloody feet. How this child could feel anything other than pain was a mystery and rather complicated in the process of how exactly she had been created. Something to do with the neurological receptors being unable to process the sensation of pain. Though once again we are getting a bit off topic of the story that now unfolds before us. The ground shifted and even before she could fully react the ground once more opened up into a pit of darkness just as she reached one of the main roads in the small village. Now anyone that had ever heard the last scream of someone who knew without a doubt they were going to die, knew the sound. It echoed out from the girl’s mouth as her small frame was able to twist around just in time, or one might have thought. Her momentum forward as she twisted around only threw the child backwards into the mouth that had opened up under her. Fingers reached out grasping at the air trying to find anything, but it was in vain. The scream cut off abruptly as her body bounced off the side of the earthen pit knocking the wind out of her. ‘I wont die here! I can’t! I need to get back to pappa!’ The voice screamed inside the girl’s soul as deep as real faith could have. It was that faith that held so deep within the girl’s heart that caused what happened next. A dark light (as it could only be described as) engulfed Krista’s body. Thick dark shadowed fog wrapped around the girl’s body slowing her descent before coming to a complete stop. Just as she fell she now fell up. Her body now limp and unconscious within the dark light that radiated around her. Finally reaching the lip of the earthen mouth the light simply faded leaving the girl’s body bloody, beaten and unconscious upon the ground. Just what exactly was this child? Was she as the woman thought, a demon? Though no sulfur scent came from her, no evil intent, nothing but pure innocence would be sensed from the child. Her chest slowly moved up and down, her chest covered by nothing but the knee length ivory locks. If one was to get close to the child who was now covered in dirt, bruises that were slowly forming, and the black ink like substance, they would also notice the thick and heavy scent of infection wafting from her body.

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