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Legend Of The Adjule

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Legend Of The Adjule

Post by Admin on Mon Oct 21, 2013 7:25 pm

{Narration: “Close your eyes, dream with me. Take my hand and allow me to take you to the time of the native Redrum Tribe and the story of the Adjule. }

-The once thick plumes of smoke that had billowed into the skies of a dawning morning had been whisked away into the nothingness of daybreak by the meadows inviting breeze. The heavens had opened up to a flurry of amber hues as the sun broke over the steep mountaintops and lively forests lush of brilliant spring greens. The sweet drops of dew had settled onto the bear skin teepee’s, beads of crystalline waters sinking onto grasses vibrant in shade, the earth sipping away at the drink the great spirits had blessed it with. The topaz flames to the bonfires from the eve prior had all dwindled now, awaiting their turn to so that they might be restocked so that the tribesmen could dance under the lunar moon so that their flourishing crops would too receive the blessing of the great spirits they prayed daily to. A young lad, with an age no more then that of twenty set out for the hunt of the morn alone and his eyes of russet had spot a young spotted fawn, the mother doe not far behind its kin grazing away strands of moist vegetation. The twang of the drawstring in release rings, but to late for the deer to evade; the whistling arrow gouging it’s way into the furred vanilla chest and death came to the animal.- “Yes!” – Spouted Rising Eagle with excitement, the youngin that conquered the beast that was soon to be the meal, he cared no longer for the noise he made as eager legs in a quick pace carried him over to his prize, so gleeful of his kill he set off with the deer in haul that he forgot to thank those Great Spirits for providing his clan with a fit meal of day and to the tribes settlement he returned. The grin the youth bore on the bronzed visage told of his victory and as well had also the deceased mammal he carried in tote, the radiance of the sun glaring off the long chestnut locks of hair that washed over the tanned buffalo hide of his shirt.- “I’ve come bearing our next meal Chief Hollow Crow!” –He raved- “I -I need assistance will someone please come to help me so that we can prepare the fruit of my hunt for the evening feast?” –He was almost so giddy that his last few steps were leaps of joy, he almost dropped the prey but managed to re-grasp it before it hit the ground, however the elder chief was all but pleased by what Rising Eagle had brought to them. –

“Rising Eagle!” –His rich baritone vocals pounded as he stirred away from the rest of the huntsmen who’d yet to take the morning for what it had to offer. – “This, what you have done is dangerous! You are to wait for your fellow brethren before going out on the hunt alone.” –The young man bit his tongue, the pain was all he could muster to keep him from lipping off at the mouth, he knew he’d done great and disliked the fact very much that the Chief wasn’t willing to pay him his dues, he had become a man and had shown he could hunt like a man, though he said nothing it was his expressions of frustration spoke volumes. – “The beasts of the forests will not all be so helpless as this young doe has been, Rising Eagle. I fear for you my son, one day you will leave us behind and it will be your final journey because your pride will have stood too tall! –A long pause was had before the drumming of the elders voice rung once more.- “Is that what you want? A tremendous grief for your people?” – He had obviously become ashamed of himself as his head tipped in disappointment of himself, he had not meant for the worry of his people and in fact he had thought quite the contrary, that he’d have eased their minds by bringing to his tribesmen this plump and delectable animal. Rising Eagle wasn’t allowed to think to long on this as Hollow Crow pursued with another inquiry, his worn skin wrinkling as a scowl burned itself outward at the adolescent. -

“Son, did you remember to offer a tribute to the Great Spirits of our forest and fields?” –His somber eyes went wide for a fleeting moment, he’d then known full well he had done the Spirits wrong but he would never confess to this atrocity and his retort came stiff with regret though hoping to smooth his way into the deceit that he would tell his elder.- “Of course Chief, you have taught me well that it is forbidden to bring back the body of our prey without offering it to the Spirits first. For we would receive their wrath if we do not abide by the laws they have beset for our people. They do not ask much of us; also because I have such a great faith I gratefully gave to them their offerings as they deserve.” – A pleasant smile rose on the aged lips of Hollow Crow as he listened diligently to the youth quote portions of the tribes beliefs. – “Then we must go forth now and we shall prepare the feast!” –The Chief bellowed out, Rising Eagle left in concern now as he watched the ancient one walk from him. The rest of the men cheered with hoots and hollers of praise, bringing rise to their multicolored spears and feathered bows, all of them pleased with the outcome of the morning. Several men aided Rising Eagle in taking the mule doe to be butchered and flavored. –

-As the day wore on for what could only seem as eons he felt the heavy stone of guilt settle into his chest and sink into his gut, he couldn’t be certain that spirits would judge him, or if they were even real at all in the first place. He had been given no proof of their existence, but somehow he felt heartache and it was as he should feel. The Great spirits watched overhead with an all seeing eye, immeasurably displeased with the selfish act of humanity that Rising Eagle had come by, how despicable and for such a disgraceful act would come the curse of the Adjule. – “And the hounds of the woodlands will run rampant in vengeance upon you and your people and they will not know of mercy.”

-With sundown setting in the far stretched plains of the west, came the silver freckles that had been scattered across the canvass of midnight blues. Once more the amber flames towered as the piles of twigs and branches along with other such brush were set ablaze giving light unto the darkness and lighting the way for the Redrum Tribe’s people as they set out golden corn, scrumptious vegetables along the doe that had been cooked to sultry perfection as it was seasoned with traditional smoked sage. As some ate it was the women who danced around the blaze in colorful gowns of cotton, spinning and bounding around the fireplaces as they sung and they too had been accompanied by some of warrior men as they went forth in merriment and joy, the sounds of drums and flutes alike echoing through the terrains and bustling laughter filled the cool night air as the celebration went on for hours on end. It couldn’t have been a livelier event. –

-The evening drug on but like all things an end must come, the final piece of that doe had been devoured by the humble Chief who sat with a immaculate headdress and ritualistic ornaments and robes but in that moment when his painted lips wrapped around the chunk of flesh it turned sour in his mouth and he had known then the lies and betrayal of Rising Eagle. To late to correct the actions, upon that last swallow had the flames of the many bonfires become reduced to nothing by frigid and winter like phantom gales. Gasps could be heard as fear settled into the hearts of many, for a bad omen this had become, children screamed in horror as the pitch of blackness set upon them and even the stars seemed to have burnt out of the sky leaving only the dim glow of the moon as it struggled free itself of the overcast fog that now crawled across a land filled with a bewildered people. Then it had come, the uncanny and soul sinking howl of Adjule, the death hounds of the forest rustling through thickets and shrubs and untrimmed fields of grass as they ventured forth to seek justice on an undeserving settlement. Women screeched in terror at the dawning mongrels, while huntsmen stumbled through the shadows to find their arsenal, but too belated would they be in their scavenger . These large canines were built of muscle, cloaked by full coats of slick furr, unsavory froth seeped from their maws as they propped their jaws open wide, their massive bodies barreling through the air as they brought catastrophe to all who had taken part of the carnal eating of the deer. They stripped all of their victims flesh, gnawing with carnivorous teeth right to the bone, some clans members gargled on their own blood as their throats were torn from their neck while others met a slower demise as limbs were thrashed upon and tugged until meat was parted from meat in a stomach wrenching display. Rising Eagle had fled in cowardliness and Hollow Crow had gunned toward the forest thereafter, they both knew nothing could halt the hounds from their destructive judgment, but it was when the elder spotted the youth that he took from his waist a small ceremonial dagger and launched it at the young man in a moment of retribution for what had been done . It plunged deep between the shoulder blades of one Rising Eagle with a painful yelp and Hollow Crow knelt down with the dying body of sobbing lad scooping him up in his tremendous arms, he (Hollow Crow) held tears of sorrow in his eyes as he cursed in silence the boy for what he had done and in return all that Rising Eagle could do is stare back void of consciousness as he drew in his last breath.-

-A blunt blow was felt to the side, it pushed the wind from his lungs and Hollow Crow was cast upon the ground with considerable force, Rising Eagles body limply rolled once against the earth. One of the pack dogs had strayed and now it snarled and yipped out a bark continuing to produce a low and bile growl as it drew up onto the elder man. The monstrosity parking its colossal paws on the archaic one’s chest as it threaten to press the last tidbit of the oxygen from his lungs. It was not to be though, in the holding of Rising Eagles body, he had reclaimed the dagger and wielding it now in hand did he pierce the beasts side uttering loudly his own curse for these beasts-
“May you be condemned to a world of eternal darkness and staggering despair, knowing only the hunger that has pushed you to murder my people! Just as you could have taken the one responsible among my people but refused, it is I now who refuses and places this curse on not only you alone but your entire breed and their generations to come!” –The yelp of the hound was almost deafening as the searing pain of the knife had set in but it would not put the canine under, it ducked in agony but opening is mouth wide. It pushed forward and fit the face of Hollow Crow inside it’s unhinged jaws and clamped it’s mouth shut in it’s final burst of savagery, death came swiftly to both then after. –

-As the years rolled into decades and decades into centuries, the land was overrun by the heard of wild canines and they lived upon such lands for ungodly spans of time and even upon their demise did they live on under the curse, haunting the hexed grounds of the of the tribesmen. As time ticked it was the spirits of the Adjule that murdered off even their own species bringing an end to the accursed death hounds generation with no offspring to come forth but nevertheless awaiting trespassers to breach the forever day-less Redrum Forest so that they could wreak havoc once again upon those who’d step upon the habitat, forever a damned to be one of the most tragic regions in existence to date.-

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