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The Evolving Tides

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The Evolving Tides

Post by Admin on Mon Oct 21, 2013 7:15 pm

Krista was asleep on her adopted mother’s throne. Eyan’s coat was draped up over her shoulders. Her small dainty feet were hanging over the edges of the throne. The small child could not have been older then six or seven. She smelt of human blood though the short pointed ears that were adorned by small silver chains stated she was not. Her right leg fell over the edge even more showing one of the twin daggers her mother had given her. The twin soul embedded rested one on each thigh. Irraere sat on her left thigh, dark crimson in color has the ability to cause major disease and weakness in a creature. The afflicted individual is immediately stricken with painful and distracting symptoms such as boils, blotches, lesions, seeping abscesses and so on. (Same as the 4th level spell Contagion in 2nd Ed.) Nathvyrae sat on her right thigh, pure black in color is a conductor between the pane that it is in and the negative plane. A hit from this blade causes the living creature it strikes to loose large amounts of energy. (Same as the 9th level wizard spell, Drain Energy.) The soft curled white hair fell over the girls face hiding the eye patch that covered the girl’s left eye. Small whimpers escaped the girls lap as she started to rise from her nap. The bright light had invaded her sleep and she was not a very happy girl when she was woken. She blinked a few times till her silver eye landed upon the male that stood in the center of the dojo. Without even thinking she snorted, a bad habit she had picked up from her mother. “Shoes off, and why are you here?” Though she was but a child there was something about her that demanded respect.

lilspirit: -He would hear a small voice by the pitch of her tone of voice he could tell it was the voice of a young female that was still just a baby in his eyes, Hearing her demands he would look up slightly towards her he would slowly stand to his feet facing her examining her body to locate any weapons spotting them resting on her body, He would come to a conclusion that she would be in training or is a skilled Killer as he knew of this world and had prepared his mental state for anything it throws at him, He calmly rose to his feet he faces her completely and having ignored her first request would he reply back from under his mask which stopped at his nose, allowing only his eyes to be seen glowing."I am nothing more then a drifter trying to rest for the quest ahead."His eyes would drift over to the location of the other person the male with in the room then turn back to the young lady sitting in the throne he would say in a calm yet arrogant ton."Is your Mother home young lady?"-

Krista snorted once more as she fully sat up and tossed Eyan his coat back. The soft black and white cotton dress fit the girl to a tee. This would allow her freedom of moment without restricting her in any way. Both of the daggers now clearly visible. A deafening shriek came from both blades. Krista reached down placing a hand on each of the hilts and they both went silent once more. Her silver eyes locked with the male once more and she shook her head. She stood up and walked towards the male stopping a few feet from him. No aggression showed in her movement though her eyes seemed to some how shine with malevolence. “My mother is not here nor is she needed for the respects of this dojo to be upheld.” She paused for a moment before spitting out the last word. “Sir.” The girls soft white curls started to sway as if caught in a light draft of wind and if one could sense magic they would sense it greatly rising in the small child. “Now if you would kindly please remove your shoes. I would have no issues with you staying and resting. I do rather enjoy hearing stories of other places.” She tried to smile at the male but it ended up looking more like a sneer.

GaryFiresoul: -The man enters the small dojo of his longtime friend Kuru quietly, hearing voices he assumed that there was a match in progress. Before he entered the room he slipped his shoes off carefully, making no sound whatsoever and continuing inside. Once inside he saw a woman he did not recognize as well as two men. Frowning he walked towards one of the beams in the room and leaned against it, watching the trio and the match that was taking shape. He was interested to see what kind of fight they could have in the confined space of the dojo. “Too small to swing a sword like mine efficiently, so heavy weapons are out of the picture, same as magic due to the strong possibility of a miss-fire burning the place down… perhaps knives and katana, but not much else in the way of weaponry. So the only logical answer would be hand-to-hand combat… how interesting, I may like it here.” He pondered in his mind as he watched the combatants at work.-

Krista watched the male turn and take his shoes off as requested. Though her eyebrow raised watching him remove most of his weapons with some sort of dimensional magic. ‘Very interesting’ She thought to herself. The soft wind that had picked up flicking her hair about died down and her curls once more laid down over her shoulders. “You were more then welcome to keep your weapons.” Her small nose wrinkled ever so slightly as she looked over to the door as a second male had entered. She snorted ever so slightly once more. ‘More male egos to deal with. This is turning out to be a great day already.’ She mumbled under her breath slightly. It was because of Krista’s past she had such a distaste for males. Though she would attempt to remain respectful till given a reason. She watched the second male take his shoes off without being asked and smirked ever so slightly. She turned on her right heal spinning about and walked back to the throne. She knew she was safe at this moment to turn her back to them. She plopped down into the throne and pulled her feet up under herself. “Welcome to my mother’s training dojo.” She nodded once to both of the males. “I am Krista Aijin, and your names might be?” She reached up laying her arm across the arm of the throne and started to rap her fingernails on the stone arm.

EyanLymitore: His eyes turn to examine both the men, he looked for anything that may be hidden such as a weapon to hurt Krista with. He nodded to each after a few moments satisfied with the lack of danger. He turned back to Krista walking back to her slowly, each step takehn slowly and precisely."Be nice Krista..." he whispered as he neared, his hearing was much better than Krista ever knew. he turned and sat on the pillow beside her not letting on in the fact he was partially there to protect Krista, for she was his best friends daughter.

lilspirit: -He watched them walk off as he would turn heading the opposite direction, he would noticed the other male who had entered Then would he take a seat in a distant chair keeping his distance as he would close his eyes as he folded his legs sitting in Indian style and began to meditate.-

GaryFiresoul: -He chuckled warmly upon hearing the woman’s comment. Not moving from the beam he bows his head to her slightly, speaking up for the first time here. -I am Gary, a friend of your mother’s. It is a pleasure to meet you. –His voice was deep, laced with a power dark and mysterious. He would smile warmly to Krista and the man sitting next to her. -How is your mother these days? I have not seen her in quite a while I’m afraid, many things have been taking precedence… -As he says this, his eyes glance to the ring on his right hand. A small smile appears on his lips as he gazes upon it before he returns to the moment at hand. He looks directly at Krista and grins.- So, care to tell me what kind of combat is practiced here, and weather I may partake in some of it myself?

GrimJaweMystique: -Another little nook, bestowed upon this god forsaken earth for the purposes of anothers endearment, or what have you. Here perhaps another line of grub could be scrounged up in this peculiar place, conserved to the sockets of the monstrosity had been eyes of a rich scarlet shade, from which he took in the scene in all it had to offer. His staggered canter brought him to the doorstep of such a facility, an elicit grin sketched across decrepit lips, stained in a complexion of raven. Down the withered flesh if his facial features did the carnage roll in drizzle of sanguine gore. Yes, through the embroidered punctures of his maw did the slop ooze, through each hole in his jowls had there been laced a strand of alloy wires. What a disturbing individual. His moist tongue flit from his mouth, and to the door had it been placed, and drug across the flat was it the obstruction to be taste. Saliva, fled down the barrier that momentarily kept him at bay, his sadistic mentality carried on as bony little digits gripped and pulled the door ajar, his entrance was permitted, and his trek may have led others to believe this was but an intoxicated fool. He held no belligerence about him, his kept his words under wraps, but for how long would the necromantic spell caster remain silent. The tresses had been winter hued and bustled about the petite frame of the male, these brilliant but sleek locks remained pure, though his demeanor had hardly been so. He was known as the infernal elementalist, for hellion could wield both flame and divine electricity and could either be birthed by his hand or manipulated any which way. To him also had been befit two siblings, katana’s they were. Raijin of The Lightning Plume and Kaji Da of The Flame, ironic considering all things. They were constructed of Orichalcum, metal of celestials. He stood amongst the vicinity, his back slouched and the ebony leathers bent to his will as the dead one gazed on. For a moment with this dear lad, and would his insanity be displayed, but as of the moment on hand, would he remain still, as though a mere piece of the décor .-

Krista’s small frame curled up onto the throne. Her silver eye watching the males for a moment. A child most would see her as at most being only seven years of age. Seeming to be human other then the small pointed ears that poked out from under the curled white silken locks. She snorted slightly feeling the first male had already once been rude but now for her to give him her name then to just ignore her request. She opened her mouth to belittle the male when the second one spoke. Her mouth closed and she raised an eyebrow and shook her head hearing he was a friend of her mothers. “My mother is well, she is currently out on a bounty. Please come in and.” Her sentence was cut off by the shrieking daggers that were pressed against her outer thighs. Her nimble fingers moved to wrap around the hilts of her two favorite weapons. The two soul embedded daggers. Irraere sat on her left thigh, dark crimson in color has the ability to cause major disease and weakness in a creature. The afflicted individual is immediately stricken with painful and distracting symptoms such as boils, blotches, lesions, seeping abscesses and so on. (Same as the 4th level spell Contagion in 2nd Ed.) Nathvyrae sat on her right thigh, pure black in color is a conductor between the pane that it is in and the negative plane. A hit from this blade causes the living creature it strikes to loose large amounts of energy. (Same as the 9th level wizard spell, Drain Energy.) The moment her fingers had fully wrapped around the blades they went silent once more. Her silver eye flicked up to the door smelling what was coming much sooner then hearing it. Her nose wrinkled and she snorted trying to get the smell from her nostrils. What in the hell was coming, she had dealt with many things though necromancy she had no knowledge of. She was talented and skilled though in all ways she was very much still a child. She stood up her entire body had went ridged and the air around her shimmered with power as the air started to once more flicker about her. Causing her hair to flutter about her face. Her dress danced about her thighs as she gripped the two blades so tight her knuckles had gone white. The door opening to reveal the strange creature. Her nose screamed as it was assaulted even farther. Thankfully the wind that was whipping about her kept most of it away. The only thought that ran threw the small girls mind was how disgustingly beautiful this creature was.

EyanLymitore: The young man stands up and looks to the new creature walking in he blinks quite surprised and turns back around. " I have some matters to attend to Krista." he turns and walks out of the dojo as he nearly throws up front he smell of the new creature as he leaves

lilspirit: -The man eyes would open as he would then stand to his feet heading to his shoes he would take hold of them then look towards everyone he would do a single seal as his body would burst into black feathers the feathers would drift down to the ground making a slight pile of black feathers left on top of it was a note reading."Thank you for allowing me to rest here and by the way my Name is Hiro Uchiha The Black Angel of The Uchiha Clan."-

GaryFiresoul: -His eyes go cold the instant he catches the smell of the corpse, turning his head slightly to keep Krista in his sight, but to also watch the creature as it enters the room. Scanning it over, he could tell that it was not a natural occurrence, and not even one through necromancy alone. “Must be a lab experiment, and by the looks of it, a rather intricate one.” He thought as he then shifted his position, making it so that he had his back to the pillar and his arms loose at his sides, prepared for any possible assault that might be made.- Greetings, care to tell us your name stranger? –He would ask cautiously, his eyes still hard as he watches the creature.-

GrimJaweMystique: -A small youth was seen to uproot herself upon the arrival of the chaotic addition and with the arisen figurine was the exhibition of her power variously displayed. For the daggers she bore with her brought an allure that was most hazardous, for it was a truth that a necromancer had a vicious way with the cycle of souls, what was more problematic is that this particular fiend was heavily influenced by the atrocities of pagan arts, dark magic suited him as he was after all a spell caster by means of his genealogical composure. For before the madness of science had been inflicted upon him, by birth right did he inherited both the element and casting abilities, for a lineage of ancient gypsies did his line descend. If it had not been for the subjection to one deranged scientist might he have passed into the Netherlands centuries prior to his current condition, but nay he was accursed by the studies of one whom preserved him in the longevity of life and now he haunted the inhabitants of the earth as his existence seemed to have wilted, and yet not entirely so, frozen in this nightmarish state. For he was judged as an atrocity and abomination to society, but unbeknownst to the populace did he too cast his rejection in return. His neck craned and it was evident that either the gal was either utterly offended or entirely enthralled this assessment was based on the set motion she had commenced. Perfect insanity brought on the desires of malicious intent, he almost corresponded in the act as his right hand sunk to the Raijin, but alas he would abstain from its utilization, though once his palm struck the hilt would a shift in the atmosphere have taken its place within the {abode}, for with the caressed grasp would once dormant electrons find activation, and a charge resembling that of static to be induced. The elusive words of a male struck octaves in which were derived by an explanation that hadn’t been terribly off course, but were construed as degrading. Worse had been the maniacal smirk that prolonged and the grueling tone that followed. His vocals hung thick, hinted with a daunting rasp that would simulate that of a male whom had choked down a handful of crystalline shards. – “My name you ask, only after venturing in a quizzical guess as to my own nature, I’ll inform you” –The words seethed from his mouth and would the spectrum be damned by such an unforgiving resound- “I am Grim Jawe Mystique” –His torso instantaneously straightened, almost inhumanly so, and now with eloquence he stood poised whilst his skeletal structure snapped as he repositioned himself into a more glorified state. Still the disgusting spatter of blood doused the flooring. – “Manners are everything lad, so do be a gentlemen and inform me of whom I am speaking to” –Though his words had fit the male, his stare had been fixated upon the lass before him. His expression dulled, that was all but that vivacious grin-

Krista could feel her heart beat starting to race with excitement. Her good eye followed his every movement. Her body shook with heavy breaths as her fingers now playfully danced along the shaft of the hilts. Both of the daggers now once more screeched with a lust to play. Her breathing was now so heavy if she had not been a child one would assume she was on the brink of ecstasy. What was this creature that stood before her? The smell was horrid but the design of the creature was to much for her to even be offended by the stench. She took a few steps forward as she was going to approach him when the other male had spoken. Krista snorted in irritation as who was he to question her guests and much less one so interesting as this one. She however said nothing as she cocked her head to the right side letting her hair fall over her eye that was covered by a small leather patch. Her lips had curled into what only could be described as a smile. Small short fangs poked over her bottom lip. She herself was a mystery, most would assume she was human from the scent and others would look at her as a vampire upon seeing the fangs. Though she was neither of these things. A child of like herself the darkest desires danced in the small girls heart when the creature finally spoke. Her fingers danced even more on the hilts of the daggers that continued to now whimper the closer she got to him. Most children no mater of what blood would have been frightened by such a creature but Krista did not understand fear. She stopped just inches away from the creature and looked up at him with pure adoration. Her small hands reached out as if she was going to touch him but pulled back at the last moments. Not a word escaped her lips as she just stood there staring up and admiring the strange work of art before her.

GaryFiresoul: -Seeing the reaction of Krista he relaxes and stands perfectly straight, his full seven foot four inches height. He nods to Grim respectfully and speaks. -Sorry about that, too much war these days makes me a little edgy at times. I am Gary, a wanderer at times, but for the most part, a warrior with too much blood on his hands. –He glances at Krista and nods to her respectfully as well- My apologies, I had overstepped my boundaries just now, and it is hard to fight old habits. –His gaze returned to Grim- I hope you can forgive me as well. –He leans back against the beam and closes his eyes. -If you need me to leave Krista I shall, also if you would be so kind as to send your mother my regards…?

GrimJaweMystique: -She took to him strangely so and in an over analytical stare would he have took note of her hands, she to he{in his demented frame of mind}duplicated one of those extravagant porcelain dolls that he had seen children running a muck with. As her feet drew her near to he whom had a sickening appetite, would he with such brilliance exact grace. For as her little fingers had risen, did he suspect that she was to stroke him as though some sort of feline. His right foot drove forth and slipped near to her right side, as it had would he push himself forward in a step that brought a thorough rotation. It was a smooth and fluent movement, like a dance supplied with the perfect choreographer and precisely exercised. With such an definitive motion would he over look her hind side if she hadn’t maneuvered along with the deceased one, who at this rate still remained several inches from the young lass and would both beings be sought in sight and the goal was accomplished as he was able to observe both. He would then strive for access to that which he craved most. A meal. – “Lass. . . I desire a meal” –His left hand flit to appoint itself to the direction of the male whom just spoke- “ He would suffice, if you would allow, though then I do find manners a privilege, does not however mean that I am inclined to keep them, as if I were to commit an act of deceit I might feel guilt, so I’d rather not put on a façade, and thus ask that you grant me his life” –His morals were slanted, for murder and a meal seemed appropriate, though deceit seemed to evade the agenda-

A small gasp escaped the girls lips as her eyes followed him with ease. Her body turning with his never missing a step. Her fingers once more reached out as if to grab hold of him. Something however warned her as much as she wanted to play with this new toy. It was not something to be done lightly. Her soft silver eye shimmered with glee at the thought of feeding this creature. She blinked ever so slightly hearing his request. She looked from Gary to the creature and back to Gary for a moment. Her brow furrowed slightly it was obvious that she was deep in conflict with herself. She once more looked upon the creature and opened her mouth to speak. It had seemed she had lost her voice in awe. Shaking her head as if trying to shake the shock from herself. Looking up she wrinkled her nose slightly before turning to look at Gary. Her voice was soft yet some how seemed to produce some sort of magic that dropped the temperature of the dojo by fifteen degrees. “As long as my mother doesn’t find out. You may do what you wish to him. Though, you must let me watch.” She took a few steps back not wanting to get in the way but wanting to continue to stay close to this strange creature. “I can not say he wont fight back.. I actually do hope he does.” The grin that curled on the small child's face could not be described as anything but diabolical. “Please show me what art you can create.”

GaryFiresoul: -His eyes snap open as he hears Grim’s request of Krista, instantly becoming cold and murderous. He looks at Krista with an edge of malice that vanished the moment it appeared, instead replaced with pity, pity for what the girl would most likely suffer from at the hands of her mother after she would gain wind of the current situation. He places his fingers on the pendant around his neck and focuses on the well of energy stored inside. As he does this he melts into the shadows, as fast as water being dumped from a bucket, and just like that, he was gone, one with the shadows as he traveled to seek out Kuru and to tell her of the events at the do

GrimJaweMystique: -A meal should be well watch and indeed it had. For now a snarl viciously dissected his once viable grin and had been reasserted with a grimacing curl to the dead one’s lips. All the while he monitored the motions, as he had for the duration of his stay and thus once the male had determined to breach the pendant blessed to him would Grim wrench his arm outright, for in that very moment that such a transaction took place would the active electrons be collected to the tips of two of five bony prongs, the index and middle finger launching a scorching bolt of lightning through the proximity in an effort to disrupt the thought process and concentration of the other who grim believed was besetting a curse upon Grim himself, rather then evading him. To add to the splitting of the chambers atmosphere, would the electrical tendril not only attempt a disruption but also if in success demolish the charm and bore a hole through the males throat. If one so much as bat an eye this theatrical set would be disengaged just as quickly as it had been assembled, so at the very moment of the others hand came into possession of his {amulet} would he be met with the opposing force and with the focus having been on the enchanted object rather then twisted creation, would this prominent act likely be accomplished. When Grim was fueled by hunger, survival was rarely ever maintained. -

Krista’s eyes went wide open as she felt the magic rise in the room. Her small quick feet quickly stepped back as to not get caught up in the cross fire between the two males. Her mother would be furious with her if she had ever caught wind of what she was allowing much less enjoying. She licked her pale lips as her fingers continued to wrap around the hilts of the twin daggers on her thighs. She would not interfere in anyway other then to drool over the massive amounts of fear, anger, and hopefully agony that would fill the small dojo. Her one good eye fallowed both males wondering which one would come out on top. She had her hopes on the disgusting rotting male that for some reason caused her heart to beat as if it was trying to escape her chest. Her small frame shook as she let the emotions in the room wash over her. It was more then intoxicating and she had a hard time keeping her footing. Finally she gave way to her quaking knees and fell sitting on the floor just five feet from what was going on in front of her.

-The moment he saw Grim raise his arm to cast a spell he quickly moved to the side to avoid a direct hit from what ever it was to be. At the same moment the lightning flickered out to touch his arm his magic activated, shifting him into shadows. All the while his only thought was to escape so that he could be with his wife and children, safe and sound. He vanishes inside the shadows and escapes to safety, seeking out Kuru so that he could inform her of the events that had unfolded in her dojo.-

GrimJaweMystique: -Grim would watch the other would flee the scene with much disappointment. His arm dropping to his waist, without expression of mouth or facial reaction would he too exit the vicinity since his meal ticket had just ' walked ' out on him, alone was his reason for being and now it had ceased to be. On the prowl would he go. -

Krista’s body was still sitting in the middle of the floor shaking from the excitement. She paused and went stiff as the two men left in almost unison. “My toys! My new toys ran away!” She screamed out and hit the floor with her fists. She snorted a bad habit she picked up from her mother. The act itself bringing her to a realization that she was going to be in deep shit when her mother got home. She picked herself up from the floor and made her way back over to the throne and plopped down causing her dress to all but fluff out over her head for a moment before setting back down around her thighs. “I never get to have any fun!” She pouted once more before throwing herself to the side of the throne laying her head upon the stone arm. Her one good eye closing with a heavy sigh as her breathing become once more to a normal pace.

Krista’s eye popped open when she saw the darkness come about the doorway. She snorted slightly still very irritated that the fight she wanted to see never happened. Her face now glued into a childish pout. Her eye turned once more as she watched another strange creature appear out of thin air. Though this one seemed rather cute. She wondered how well he would scream if she played with him. Her eye went wide open seeing the strings tangle themselves pulling his limbs in very much inhuman ways. His voice caused her short almost elven ears to twitch making the chains on them jingle. She sat up and wrinkled her nose some at the boys question. “Of course I am beautiful.” She stated in a tone which very much showed her snotty attitude. The small girl stood up and stomped over to the small boy. She herself was much shorter then he, but it was not a hard reach as she stood up on her tiptoes reaching out to smack the boy across the face. She had all but ignored the other male who had entered. Should she hit him or not she would take a step back and fluff out her dress pulling her posture straight as if to prove how dignified she was. She paused and looked up as she once more heard the door open. “Oh how great more people to irritate me today.” She snorted noticing another male, this caused her to groan again. Though upon hearing his words she growled quietly. “I swear do I have to continue to deal with rude indignity people tonight!” The small child turned and made her way back over to the throne before throwing herself into it with a huff.

Krista raised an eyebrow to the boy and his comment. Only once did she looked to the other male who entered and left just as quickly. A soft sigh escaping as she tucked her feet up underneath her. She took a deep breath in trying to calm her temper. This was no easy task for the small child. Her brow furrowed as she heard the strange sound from the boy and figured it was nothing more then mechanics inside the doll itself. Instead of responding to the doll’s words she shook her head some once more looking upon the tangled wires. “You are broken? Should your maker not fix you?” She was speaking threw gritted teeth trying to keep her temper in check. If anything this new doll may turn out to be something fun to play with and she did not wish to scare him off. She knew that she should say sorry for her previous actions to him but her childish pride caused her to simply act as if it never happened.

Once more she bit down on her tongue at the doll’s constant belittlement of her. Her chest rose once more as she took another deep breath before speaking. “I am not ugly.” She finally let the breath go. “Beauty is only seen by those that look upon it. What I see as beauty is not what others may see as it. “I guess some may see me as ugly as you do since I am but a child. My heart how ever I never hide. I never hide my true nature. I will never simply become what I am not to please someone else.” She wrinkled her nose slightly and closed her good eye relaxing into the throne. She wondered what the doll would do. Everyone else had left and as much as she would never admit it she hated more then anything the feeling of being alone. Krista opened her silver eye to look at the dolls twisted wires and sighed. There was much beauty in the brokenness that was weaved above him as there was in his creation. “You are welcome to sit and stay should you be allowed to by your father.”

Krista frowned hearing his words as much as she knew they were true to some degree. Once more taking a deep breath before she spoke. “I am a child as much as I hate do admit that. I do need others around, as I am still growing to be able to take care of myself. You seem to need your father.. You seem to need him to tell you what you can and can not do.. Does that not make you just as ugly?” She let the breath out slowly her one good silver eye still locked onto him. “I will not touch you unless you wish me to try to untangle you. And who is it that says bruises and scars are ugly? They tell a story, a life, they do not lie.. The only thing that is ugly is lies. The truth is what true beauty is.” She snorted ever so slightly still trying to keep herself in check. Her head flipped up to gaze as the door opened and another male entered the dojo. “You may stay as long as you remove your shoes.” She paused looking over his entire form before returning her gaze back to the doll.

She sighed ever so slightly hearing the boys words and shook her head. “I am not human, but you may think as you wish. You still need him whether it is here or there. That is what you are saying is ugly about me. My anger is ugly yet your father seems to have that same anger does that make him ugly?” She paused for a moment and looked back to the male at the doorway. “Nudity does not bother me at all.” She wrinkled her nose and turned back to the boy waiting to hear his words.

Krista watched the doll start to crack and break. Her eye went wide with worry, for some odd reason she felt pity for the doll. Her movement was quick, as it took her only a split second to rise from the throne and attempt to wrap her arms around the doll into a tight hug. Thin lines of black ichor ran from her eye. Her heart thumped against her chest so hard she was sure that the two could hear it. “You are beautiful, more so then you know. We, you, your father, myself. We are beautiful in all of our imperfections. You can not say that I am ugly when I show traits of those you know are beautiful now can you?” She looked up with her one good eye trying to make some sort of connection with the doll. She was not sure if he was truly alive, but she could tell from his reaction he had the heart to feel pain. She normally did not care but revealed in other’s pain. Though for some odd reason, maybe it was because he seemed as broken as she felt. She had all but forgotten the other male till she heard his voice speaking of a woman with two twin daggers. ‘Could he be speaking of my mother.’ The thought shook off as she continued to look up at the strange doll hoping that something she said would strike a cord in his heart.

Krista pulled back slowly the black ichor still falling from her good eye. Her voice was shaken as she shook her head. Her fingers raising up to wipe the ichor from her face, though it seemed to nothing but smear the blackness on her cheek. “You do not need someone to tell you what is beautiful, you can see it for yourself. You have a heart and eyes of your own to use. You do not have to listen to someone else telling you what beauty is. You must find out what it is for yourself. No one, not even your father can do that. Beauty is that which you see with your own heart. Not the words of someone else. Can’t you see that?” She took a few steps back before tripping over her own two feet landing rather hard on her ass with a thump. She was obviously shaken as her body quivered with the emotions that welled up and coursed threw her. Never before had she felt emotions like this. Never before had she felt sorrow for someone else. Never had she felt anything but her own selfish wants. But now for some reason this broken doll stood before her and she wanted nothing more then to fix it.

AijinKurishimi: The moment the two males left the dojo in a hurry, Krista knew that she was going to be in deep shit with her mother. She would wait till that night and quickly slip out of the small dojo. The sound of her shoes making no sound on the soft packed dirt. She shivered slightly as the wind picked up. She paused in the middle of the road. What was this scent. Her face lifted to the sky and sniffed as if she was a hound seeking her prey. The small black and white skirt ruffled about her thighs as she started to follow the scent of the strange death like creature that had stumbled upon the dojo. She had to know what he was, what secrets that he held. She wrinkled her nose some as the scent turned her stomach. She didn’t care how disgusting it was she wanted to play with him more. The creature that smelt of death, one who could and would take the life of another without blinking. Such a creature pulled at the cruel child’s heart. Her fingers reached down and ran across the two twin daggers that were strapped to her thighs. Her mother’s favorite weapons. The twin soul embedded blades rested one on each thigh. Irraere sat on her left thigh, dark crimson in color has the ability to cause major disease and weakness in a creature. The afflicted individual is immediately stricken with painful and distracting symptoms such as boils, blotches, lesions, seeping abscesses and so on. (Same as the 4th level spell Contagion in 2nd Ed.) Nathvyrae sat on her right thigh, pure black in color is a conductor between the plane that it is in and the negative plane. A hit from this blade causes the living creature it strikes to lose large amounts of energy. (Same as the 9th level wizard spell, Drain Energy.) The scent seemed to flow away that was strange to her. The scent of the creature some how drifted off completely disappearing. A frown pulled at the corners of the young girl’s pouty lips. She sat down in the dirt and huffed slightly throwing an internal fit kicking a stray rock. Her one good eye (right eye) went wide open for a moment as if a light had gone off in her mind. “I know!” she yelled out at no one in particular. Quickly digging into the small pouch on her side she pulled out a small compass looking item. Her fingers wrapped tightly around it as she felt the energy well up inside her chest. The wind quickly picked up beating against the girl’s small frame. Within the blink of an eye the flash was seen and gone, so was the small child. Blinking a bit Krista stood in the middle of no where. Her eye finally focusing feeling the gritty feeling of sand and her small shoes now being half buried into the sand. Finally she spun around and caught the scent of the decay of the creature. Her soft charcoal eyes lit up with glee. Her small feet making a struggle to move through the sand. Upon reaching the door she did not bother knocking but simply walked into the strange building. She stood at the door way and bent down taking her shoes off and dumping the sand out onto the floor. A place this grand was sure to have servants anyways. Her small nose wrinkled some as she put her small shoes back on and stood up looking around. Reaching up she fixed the small black eye patch that covered her left eye and snorted a bad habit she had picked up from her adopted mother.

DeiahAsadoMystique: Thoughts laced with sardonic intentions, the demon held her prey quite rawly. She growled as no remorse attempted to flee from her conscience. "I told you otherwise…." She muttered through gritted teeth. A murmur escaped the trembling one whilst emerald seers sought to find a glint of merciful judgment from this ivory-crowned fiend. "I-I apologize….I-I didn't understand quite well what Sofia had wanted." His plea echoed with resonating tremors within the halls of Deiah's domain. Without response would Deiah bring Deacon at a height. The forty-seven inch blade of pure Iridium chimed whimsically to its mistress's heed. Halved, at this point, the once dual combatant would allow its sibling to be fanned into thirty-five independent pleats. And with one short sweep of the femme's wrist would the gesture articulate the irritancy she had felt. Scarlet spat in every direction and stained her marvelous ally whilst a few trickles had landed on the porcelain flesh of Mystique's descendant. Turning her frame did her researchers scramble to alleviate the situation--a new death had obstructed their workplace. "Sofia, shall we?" Deiah would say, her voice indirect to her associate as she led the way outside the laboratories. A nod, in reciprocation, Sofia followed her directress. Outside, hell's noble steeds waited for both maidens. Typhon and Eurus neighed to welcome either. Reigns challenged, the destination was that of Deiah's haven. It was a place where she had spotted a male of whom she biologically associated with. Heaving, "Why are---" Heaving, Sofia stopped in her speech as she saw the creased brow the experimentalist displayed and with silence did they finally reach the end of their trek. Gales brushed past both frames almost eager for their wielder's command as both ascended the steps. The scent of those around the princess of serpents soon reached her prying orbs whilst both perused the vicinity. "As always…" Sofia would simply say, as she saw Deiah's composed and stern form. Within her entrance would she then spot an unfamiliar flesh. Stepping into the grand hallway, the gusts of wind would follow a passage and to append, it seemed that satan's orchids had fluttered in with her as well before planting themselves on the herbal decors amidst. Silence seemed to dawn the vicinity to be only broken by Sofia's gaily character. "Hello There!" Her voice whimsical despite her corpse-like appearance and would simply smile at the young one. "Are you…lost?" Her Bulgarian drawl, apparent. Deiah, on the other hand, kept to herself as she moved about the Courts. Attention awry from the focal event at hand, the theorist continued to wander with much discretion. Subtleties of her housed kogais, embedded 8-pt shurikens and an Iridium blade of duality of about 36" each (attenuated) had she been adorned with. All are inherent of their own volume of Wolfsbane. Gifts from an aerokinetic's forefathers were they and had been designed to aid the wielder of winds who kept about herself in the Amazonian's domain.

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Re: The Evolving Tides

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AijinKurishimi: Krista whipped around as soon as she heard the horses outside. Her fingers wrapping around the hilts of the blades. Her one good eye went wide as soon as the door opened and she caught wift of the decay from one of the females. At that moment the other female (Deiah) became almost invisible to the small girl. A cheerful grin spread across her lips as the strange creature spoke to her. She was like him, was the same sent, the same disgusting beauty. “I’m, not lost, I was seeking someone I met.” She took a few steps forward to the woman and then to the side, behind and completely around Sofia as if inspecting the woman from head to toe. Her fingers how ever never came free of the twin daggers which now screamed at such a pitch any glass that was near by hummed from the pitch. No coherent words came from them other then one simple word that seemed to be repeated over and over. “Elgg” (Kill in drow.) The small child skipped right up to Sofia just a hairs breath away from her standing on her tip toes. Taking a deep breath in through her nose she let out an almost moan. “You are like the man that I am seeking.. The one that got me in trouble with my mother.” She paused in her words before letting herself fall back flat footed. Taking a few steps back she finally pulled her dainty fingers from the hilts of the daggers which then seemed to have gone silent. “What are you?” She asked very much in the tone of child curiosity.

GrimJaweMystique: -The silver haired Phenomena was amongst them. For perched in the rafters with eyes a wide did he observe, for the sickening creature found that the delicate folk galore would make for an interesting spectacle. For the ruby haired fiend nearly replicated himself, though however the small child’s curiosity loomed and the observance of Grim would continue to play itself forth. His over coat, sleeves it had missed, but the drape of the raven garment hung from the agile abominations frame, aimlessly dangling their without purpose as balance was obtained with precision. The ceiling would creek as he would canter about the ceiling of the Courts Of Death, a property that was well renowned for the vast amount of violence that occurred without provocation, especially when the Amazonian sibling in law was within the abode. Though she had vacated the regions some time ago. The rancid staunch hung thick, the necromantic spell caster to eerily peer down at the two individuals, though for Grim the vision of his own kin had been obstructed momentarily but alas was also seen by her “father”. The reposition of the dead one brought a crisp view to he whop watched overhead. The air still clung with the after math of his previous encounter, yes it had been only a few hours prior that Grim had charged the vicinity with electrical pollutants that were left unveiled to the eyes. Raijin and Kaji Da did grace him this day as well, for the infernal elementalist always came insured that any diabolic needs could be met. In a slumber deep they set in the sheaths appointed for protection, and to his right hip would they be hoisted and harnessed. His maw, it would discharge the grotesque sanguine liquids through the gaps of his jowls, for rustic alloy ran rampantly through the punctured wounds of his features, a masochistic display of abhorrent proportion, and below did the fluids plague the immaculate marble. His scarlet eyes, like gems hued in scarlet sat propped within the deep sockets of his skull, the pupils slipping into a horizontal slant as he read the heat patterns of the two, rather then the actually physical embodiments, for that would require a vertical shape to be given to those obscure slits, and once reestablished into a diagonal postion could he read the spiritual patterns that were emitted from his prey, so that should physical attributed be masked, would he be capable of visualizing them by the very spirits they were endowed with, the very same in which he would most plausibly crave for his own grimacing plans, in silence he makes his analysis-

DeiahAsadoMystique: Sofia watched the youngin' with much curiosity. She wasn't accustomed to anything shorter than her chest, rather, it was merely the pesky goblins that she has come across in another's arena that had ignited the far-fetched comparison. With a subtle smile planted on her face, the cherry-maned creation remained still whilst the budding dame circled the associate with clarity and a presumed foresight. The feathered plums that stood erect atop her hat seemed to follow the movement of (Aijin). Moreover, the ivory-crowned demoness kept her distance. She was much of an observer than a social butterfly; her antisocial gestures surfaced and contributed to the silence that usually swept along with. However, the slight twitch and swift crack of then neck had alerted those who were observant, like her, that certain stimulus had caused a minute irritancy. Nonetheless, it wasn't something that had been much of a concern to the Experimentalist. As she continued to scout her perimeter, the Palladium tail, that swung with continuity and monotony, faithfully followed. Its length emphasized the embedded shurikens that were delicately placed on either side of its length. Spring's predators had fluttered about to prowl on their new blossoming prey. Docile were these endeavors of science that had merely waited for their creator's command. As much as the lead attended to her own corrupt thoughts, distinct alertness had caught the whiff of familiarity and would soon ascend craved nostrils. Formulations had been conducted in a span of seconds and from a product would she find herself gazing towards the rafters then onto the two bodies before her. Presented, Sofia would chuckle with amusement upon the /little person's/ words. "The man that you are seekin--" But before Sofia could finish, a mishap would send her tongue slithering back into its cavern. With a good reaction time did she happen to catch and cradle the eyeball that had popped right out of her socket. "OOOPS!" She would laugh in a mixture of contempt and embarrassment as she fixed the aforementioned occurrence. Continuing, she'd then state, "Well, you are perhaps looking for…" With those words would Sofia slowly look about her, then back to (Aijin), "…for the Emperor?"

AijinKurishimi: Krista’s eyes moved to watch the other female (Deiah) move away and farther into the abode. She couldn't figure out if she was more curious about the rotting female in front of her or the one that seemed to be irritated. Her one good eye shifting between watching both females. Her head moving back and forth like a cat watching a string swing back and forth. A bit disappointed that the woman had not answered her last question caused her brow to furrow. She said nothing though wondering if this Emperor was the one she had met before. The one she was so disappointed seeing him let his prey get away. She turned making sure her back was to the wall so she could watch both female’s without cracking her neck. She watched Deiah looking up which of course caused her to follow the woman’s line of sight. The familiar sight of Grim made the girl’s eye light up once more. “YOU!” She hollered out at him. With the mental ability to stay focused once more completely ignored the other females. Krista was good at many things. Staying focused on more then one thing was not one of them. Her reason for coming her was now in her sighs and everything else seemed unimportant. The sounds of her smalls shoes clicked across the floor as she moved to almost underneath Grim though not so close as to let him drip on her. “You know my mother is going to more then likely kill me for telling you that you could eat him.” Her brow furrowed even more into a pouted look. “And in the end you just left without even telling me more.” She placed her hands on her hips as her back arched so she could better see the male that was balanced in the rafters.

GrimJaweMystique: -The organ popped out the facial cavity and almost sent the stalking deceased into a fit of laughter, but for the sake of his intent purpose would he hold back the foul mirth. He noted Deiah and her demeanor, which was almost always so peculiar, though was not wanted any other way, for that’s how he knew his kin to be. Ever the theorist. Now the child seemed contend in his {daughter} though was attention swiftly brought to he who remained perked on his lofty beam. For the child now maneuvered forth without a fret or care as to the possibility of encountering the hazardous monstrosity. He was squeamish about his insanity and the complex design of a malicious smirk quaked across the deathly features. The damages of mortality were beyond he, for they were but mere past times never to be a hindrance again and from his roost did he step only to plummet to the stable foundation that blessed such a horrific sanctuary. The fall would have put any mundane entity six feet under and often pooling them into a lifeless mass of useless flesh, but nay not for Grim Jawe Mystique. His soles collapsed evenly upon the unforgiving surface, and did the winter hued tresses find relocation having been sloughed off to the right as his cranium hung in a most inhuman mannerism which to was well out of sorts. The child had prior to his leap of faith, mentioned a former incident in which piqued his interest. The caress of his vocal ricocheted through the acoustical walls, as the thick rasp clung to the spectrum. – “Child, would you dare to allow your parental controls to send you to the netherworld, without debate”? –His sleek vocals paused temporarily, only to be uprooted- “Sometimes, little one, you must realize that the fear of your prey will drive it back to seek vengeance, for one cannot rest with ease knowing that they still on the menu. My ooooh my, what haunting nightmares must fill his state of dreams. I suspect lil one, that he will want to dissolve such fright” –His bantering hung heavy, as he leant out his hand, bony little prong did wriggle as they sought her chin so that he might raise her gaze to his own-

x3ZiiCheshireCatx3: Awestruck, the dimension’s value was blank and continuous in all directions like the virtue of the intelligent mind itself. The visual effect gave into a damned choir of voices that drew beautiful melodic tones of vocals from the depths of their voice. Almost like the melody of a church, this atmosphere thudded with different aspects of emotions. A course of the wave kicked in and the dimension exposed and collected with upon unique traits of »doors« that appeared in different shapes, sizes, and designs. They were . . . everywhere. Beautiful knobs of silver, brass, gold, honey nutmeg, and lavender wood. Fixtures of gradients with locks that were tighter to pick than a cat’s nose. Such virtuous visions of the story behold in its own Wonderland. Who could design such a fragile world that held so many curiosities to open without breaking the figment of imagination? It was something most wouldn’t even dare to ask. Imagination was important in Wonderland as well as the right amount of creativity to prolong the life of its creator. However, in this case, the creator has had enough madness to live out the rest of their life in mere amusement. A turn would leave a gap into the small figment of entrance where a gate of the dimension would fixate and shift upon the tension in the atmosphere within this portal like dome. Above it’s large and proud frame would give off a levitating heading of words spelling out the beautiful fragment of his---the creator’s wishes, “Si Deus Me Relinquit”. The two bridges would divide, opening the gate from its rosary lock and uncoil its beautiful silver chains to the ground, laying like silver plated snakes waiting to purge out from under the shadows. Through these shadows walked out a stray dark figure, unseen from the lack of contrast in the daze of darkness. Slowly, they’d walk forward into the dims’ of the dark vision and in a spotted view, they can be seen. The figure stopped in their footsteps and stood their ground as they observed the dimensional passage of their own thoughts. He, the creator, was a tall structure of forbidden qualities that made him the artist of sin itself. It was never requested of him to do so, however he went on with his curious daze as a selfish being that never knew wrong from right. All he needed was time. Time itself, was a hard thing to gain from how many problems were occurring through out the limits and breakages of reality. He never once thought of his own outcome through the creational aspects of sin. Selfish, was he who thought that the values of the worlds needed more entertainment in his eyes. Barely anyone saw him through the time of day, but if they did ever once meet his works or even himself, they’d always picture a world of madness in one’s eyes. His eyes were filled with visual aspect of dark melodic dreams and nightmares compared into one. The raven cast off hair that rained down to the lines of his shoulders was another thing he was quite proud of just as a Buddha was proud to be bald. His ghostly white features were eerie but proved to be charming in the eyes of his lovers and companions, whatever few he has, and gave the sheer aura of his enmity. A sign of his proven nobility was his attire, which he wore with dear grace and a set of engravement that cut deep into his arms and fore-chest. They, merely the first set of words in deep Ruxion, were the ingredients and instructions to his creations set. Nobody could read this type of language so easily as one may think. The language was casted off from one creator’s dome to another’s caste. His wardrobe always had an attachment of onyx to one piece of clothing or even all since he was fond of the color black. Suitable of a dark swallowtail coat and a nice white collared shirt to go along with his dominion of kuro appeal. A set of baggy Willis pants with studded belts around the slim of his waist and a chain adorning the side with a rosary charm would match with his upper attire to his own fancy. Combat, leather, studded boots would hold his stance and he would once again walk once more to a particular door that had caught his interest. A silver sheered vision of a mantle with a handle of pure pearl would wait for him to open its rediscovered persona. His hand rose, and stroked the handle with his slender pale fingers before wrapping them around the handle and thus, opening the silver door only to uncover another dark entrance opposite of him. To the side of the entrance was a brimmed lantern that cast away any small figments of black around it. He took it from its hanger and slowly walked inside the dimension, being careful to close the door behind him. As soon as the door was latched, he walked forward into the dim dark with the lantern beside him, slowly observing the stone walls beside him that seemed to close him in the farther he walked through the chamber. Each heartbeat is a sequence of muscle contraction and relaxation called the cardiac cycle. In each cycle, the four chambers of the human heart go through phases of contraction, or systole, and relaxation or diastole. This chamber of the room would suddenly give pressure, as the walls would pulsate, giving life to the space around him. When the atria was filled with air, relaxed, the ventricles of the room were also relaxed and thus pressure would suddenly rise in the atria, the valves between the atria and the ventricles forcing to open with light starting to fill the room. Wind would gust through his figure and slip through his hair as if lungs had suddenly breathed in their first wind of air. The ventricles contracted, causing the AV valves to snap shut, the pressure inside the ventricles rising sharply. With the increased pressure, the valve leading to the aorta and the pulmonary artery open, and slowly the light filtered out of the heart. After the wind has been ejected, the ventricles start to relax, and the cardiac cycle around him started again. Without this sense of stimulation, the tissue of the walls wouldn’t create the electrical impulses through changes in ion channels and ion pumps in its cell membranes. A fascinating view of this strange pulse of décor. His walk was silent amongst the pacemaker’s beats and he would feel himself getting closer and closer to the ventricle as every pulse passed by. A healthy pressure is maintained through complex interactions involving the passage’s nervous, excretory, and circulatory systems. Nerves were designed in the interior walls to connect pressure receptors to the aorta and in the artery leading to the heard to cardiac-control center in what may be the brain of the dimension. Other cardiac centers respond to sensory input. None was sensed by his presence and even if he was noticed, the line would be harmless to what they would do with him. Emotions and chemical input was their way of tracking down alien subjects around the patrol area. Especially with the concentration of carbon dioxide. He, the individual, could feel his blood pressure fall below the normal range when he passed a fork in his path, knowing instantly he was close to the edge. The walls were thinner. They used to be strong muscle with elastic fibers but now they’re as thin as the endothelium. It wouldn’t be long till he was in the capillaries. The wind’s graze would tell him that the brain signals the receptors to decrease the heart rate and lessen the constriction of the vessels. Who knew someone could have such an empty heart? There was no plasma, blood, erythrocytes, or anything related to the greek origin hemo. Just oxygen and carbon dioxide. However, this was his own heart that he was exploring of the regions of his damned body. Just as he took another step further, he felt the flat surface of the path become moist of excreted fluids. This wasn’t blood at all. He had sensed the odor before he had managed to start his journey to the ramps of his circulatory system. And evidently, he found this sort of scent not to fancy his tastes. It wasn’t bittersweet like the encounters of great empires of pureblood nobility. It hadn’t been dry and salty with the fierce winds to draw to his skin like the lone deserts of vast valleys amongst Armasted. This scent was not of decay or rot, but of vitae and life... He couldn’t get to where exactly it had started to become a notice to him, however he followed its aura until he found dim light of a lantern somewhere around the setting. His pupils started to dilate when it became a notice to him that it was later in noon than he originally imagined. Letting out a thick sigh, he could feel the pressure of his ribcage start to erupt from the core of where his origin lay: energy. This energy was sealed away in a sort of relic, otherwise known as the creator’s Vitae of some sort. However, the seals started to burn, one by one, letting the release of the energy start to leak out and spread amongst the veins and capillaries of his body, letting it roam everywhere that it seeked purpose.

DeiahAsadoMystique: Deiah locked orbs onto the female that had conversed with the chatty Sofia. It was this experimentalist's usual composure that deviated from the social normalities her family had been blessed with. Accordingly, Sofia, on the other hand, watched the youngin' with less assertiveness like that of her superior. With a short pace backward, the cherry-maned associate licked the brim of her mouth. But with the minute gesture came another unfortunate event, yet again: Her lower lip, without precaution, had fallen off her maw and had now eloquently splat against the marbled floor. "SERIOUSLY?!" Sofia would say with much protest as she knelt down to reach for the piece. Concerted, the short-lived compromise of her kneeling body has led the unraveling of sutures upon her shoulder. "глупости (Bullshit!)" The associate cursed; her thick accent surfacing along with each syllable spoken. Afar, the theorist remained intrigued as she watched her /father/ interact with lone child. Comedic encounters unraveled along both as Sofia dealt with her own qualms. Folds of disapproval formed upon her forehead as she continued to observe from the given distance. Paces taken, Deiah's attention would now be averted towards the new Entrant. The same aversion had proceeded to her associate (Sofia), who struggled with her unraveling deterioration.
Krista took a step back as surly the rafters would creak when his weight was shifted to drop down. Her one good eye made it almost impossible to tell just exactly how far he was up, but she was sure she did not want him landing on her. Almost tripping over her own two feet she finally caught her balance just in time to once more look up and see the man (Grim) towering over her. Though most in her situation would have been stricken into terror and fits of vomiting. Her curiosity of the male took over any urge to run or be frighten by him. She cocked her head to the right letting the soft onyx locks fall over her shoulder listening to his words. She was not one to be completely rude and interrupt that was of course the person speaking was not a moron as so many were she had come across. Krista was not frightened though she was not stupid as well. Her fingers came to rest on the two daggers causing them once more to scream out in hunger. She had no clue if the blades would even effect such a creature as he was. She had no clue what it was that he was, only that he smelt of death. The twisted parts of her mind started to twist and turn at the thoughts that the man’s words had put into her mind. A small seed of insanity, the thought of her going after her mother. A twisted grin spread across the child’s face though she said nothing the look she had was one of pure malevolence. Her fingers gripped the hits of the daggers so tightly that her small tiny knuckles had turned white. Her grip upon them causing them to scream out even louder. Her head snapped back as if ripped out of some sort of daydream hearing the woman behind her start to curse. For only a moment she was distracted till she turned back to the man before her (Grim). “I will never allow any one to stop me from what I wish. Not even death will stop me.” Her tone was that of childish pride and ignorance. Her chest started to rise rather fast as the thought continued to run rampant in her mind. The woman who had taken her in. The woman that had supposedly cared about her. Though Krista knew better, the woman simply wanted to make sure that she could keep Krista in check. She feared the power Krista had, the power that Krista had traded her left eye for. The grin grew and grew and Krista’s good right eye glossed over as she was now completely lost in her own twisted little mind. She would make sure that this woman knew exactly why it was that she should have killed her while she had the chance.

GrimJaweMystique: -The youths speech clung, she spoke of death and of death he was more then aware, for his very appearance might have told of the hand it had in his life and the toll it had inevitably taken. Disassembly of one crimson topped fem brought an abstract visual that had shifted the focal point of the male plague. He would call to his daughter – “Deiah, I do believe that your rag doll is suffering from sort of interior malfunction, can we dine on her” –A bite was thought to be had and as such conscious considerations were contemplated, did another infiltrate the establishment. Though the tune of the small child bearing such stern announcements made its repetition through his train of thought. He would be obliged to speak of such things, and since she hadn’t swatted his hand away when it was leant forward to grasp her chin would he find placement upon her face. His flesh would be cool, resembling in touch like that of cool sheets of wax paper in its smooth surface, but the core of him, it was unyielding in its firm existence not quite like stone but perhaps like that of flexible bone. The garnet spatter still varnished his ensemble, soaking it through entirely, his rank scent continually clogged the aromatic currents. He arch his back, his shift bring his face near to her own as he made an effort to grasp her attention without flaw, the thick curtain of hair would shuffle around them and the crackling of his jaw as he spoke echoed in a grueling *CRACKLE* - “Little one, such presumptions might be met with a hefty opposition, in which is undeniably indisputable. Of your wants, you should ever pursue and when time passes you on by and decades merge into centuries and the seemingly endless hours surpass you will you understand. When death knocks upon your door, greet it with a smile and welcome it into your abode, cherish your endeavors with its company and embrace it whilst it siphons your life in its glorified bonds. Eternity, holds not the beatitude that you think it does, for its wretched curse is obnoxious” –He would swiftly relinquish his grip only to slip around to her hind side, he was swift and would if allowed redirect her {Aijins} focused to the woman who was falling to shambles before their very sight- “For do you find that she desires such a fate as to watch her body quarter itself, its decay to damn every moment of her god forsaken life. Understand child, death is a gift you ought not take for granted because should you choose eternity for mere desires, it is there you will find your accursed damnation and you will only plea for deaths to return to you” –The example was to be made out of the theorists puppet, a puppet that Grim had utter animosity toward, for its life like his own was unnaturally twisted and for he felt sorrow and perhaps pity for this atrocity before him, for within the depths of his own mind did he too feel it for himself, an unexposed secret that if could he ever, would he take to a grave he so longed for-

x3ZiiCheshireCatx3: The pair of morbid eyes that scanned his perimeter closely wandered throughout the realm’s capture until they stopped at a dead halt to a certain area within the area. The shell of his ear would twitch at the ripples of noise that seemed to travel all the way to the core of his ears, letting the information sink into his mind. ‘Someone is already here..’ He’d think to himself and let the corners of his lips seem to twitch before they’d widen some into a sinister grin. The tips of his canines seemed to gleam in the fire’s scorn from where it hid throughout the midst of pillars within the subtle setting. He’d slip through the shadows and let his form start to blend in with the shadows and dark crooked figures of branches and trees. However, just when he came a step closer to where he sought to be of some interest, he felt the collision of energies that eroded and regenerated in his perception. Alexander knew he would have to take up “that” form again and he cursed at himself in the back of his head at such abstract torment that was compatible to his current body posture. Leaning forward against the wall, he would let the energy channels in his body start to dim slowly as they would preserve the core’s fatal heartattack. The composition of his body formula submitted to the whim of his mind. His eyes would glare into the shadows as the first bone of his body, the femur, would shatter completely into based particles until they would perform atomic exchange through proton extraction and reorganization. This process would follow throughout the rest of his body before it would crush every single part of him that he remembered. Memory was a fatal part of this process. He needed to think of the shadow and push all thoughts aside of his physical appearance. This was the image he needed to create. The ashes would mold into a livid substance of ink before it would pressurize against the surface of his inner skin before the body itself broke down. His form would press against the wall, composing himself and shifting every part of his body to focus into the shadow appearance. His face would sculpt itself into the outline of the shadow before it was complete. Taking the time to let his appearance shift throughout the walls of the room, he made it so that his aura was bound into the cage of his core so that his presence was undetectable under the module surveillance. Shivers would ripple throughout his skin as he felt rather limp in the form yet more flexable to shift from one place to another. In the viewpoint of his current location, he could make out two figures in the candle calabra of the dim room. The form of shadow would stretch itself out before letting it’s figure almost appear shapeless as it would travel throughout one corner to another in order to see what physical characteristics the figures of the strangers had to offer. It appeared to be a man, much taller than the petite figure next to him. Strange as it was, his aura was brimming with complete divine entity. This relic was threatening as death creeping on its toes. He could only see the figures in this appearance but not their actual attire itself. The opposite party was what he could make out from the sound of their voice. It was a petite woman that carried vengence in her voice. Complete and utter hate. He was amused by both auras that clashed within eachother without so much as a graze. The shadow would provoke the candlelight as it would creep closer before forming and overlapping against the woman’s shadow and making it so that the shapeless drone was fixated as the woman’s figure itself, petite and elegant in her proportional value.

DeiahAsadoMystique: With much discretion, Deiah Asado Mystique had studied the child before her. Presumptions made, her statistics quantified in a manner that the experimentalist was accustomed to: Height, Weight, Age, etc. Thoughts persuaded her eloquent mind of what the girl was or how old she had appeared to be, though these were all calculations that had kept the unfamiliarity that this being entered--with--into concision. On another note, whilst the intellect observed, the theatrics of a comedian ensued. It was the carelessness of one infernal associate that elicited a defeated sight from the palpable lips of the directress, herself, upon diverting her glance. And as Sofia reattached the fallen piece from her overall frame, another organ had decided to bestow others its rampant presentation. Shortly as she stood up with a left palm stationing her right arm in place and the lower brim of her mouth quirked in a much technical fashion, the cherry-maned dame's left orb popped and dropped with a vivid bounce onto the cold marble beneath and would oscillate for a few counts before the fast dampening of its motion proceeded into an elaborate roll. Its momentum decreased as the spherical gold followed a trek that lay between the Emperor and the youngin'. The iris, widened and chastised by the exterior it had landed upon, would grimly stare into whatever it had chanced on, before it. Surprise: Both orbs--one that remained and one that ventured--had been coated with such. Hastened by this event, Sofia would pass between the decrepit male and the fry. "Ah..excuse me…excuse me…ignore me please…" She'd mutter as her form squeezed and scurried, but as she took hold of the endowment of another's demise, her fleeting attention had now been casted to that of the Emperor's gluttonous commentary. However, as more would be said, the experimentalist's observations had reached a halting decision as soles began to caress the surface beneath them. Each pace had been equipped with a chiding intention that had supported the intellect's serious determination. She had kept her silence, but needless to say, provoked would she step in. And whilst Sofia retracted her steps, the atmosphere's wielder had approached with abandoned morality; it was logic, research and science had dismissed remorse. And to display would the fastidious individual reached forth for Sofia's shoulder, burying her fingers within the sour flesh of a puppet's design whilst another had been left upright; pain had surpassed Sofia's immortality. The unforgivable acts of one crude and non-satiable fiend had been the cause of such. And to append, a certain phenomena that had arisen, complemented with an overwhelming façade of darkness and mystery would be caught through much perusing of an observant's peripheries. However, Deiah remained silent. Comprehending, the scarlet-crowned dame had taken a response by stepping back, allowing the words of the Emperor to be directed towards his own /daughter/. "Interesting, though a cursed damnation is something that could be challenged…" And as her last word slipped past crimson lips, the establishment's aerial content seemed to shift upon their mistress's command. A deliberation had occurred in which the particles of oxygen drifted into much abundance and its redirected attention towards the fireplace, that had placated the rash winter circumventing the premise, would accept the stimulating challenge. Enraged and in wrath, the flicking ambers would contend amongst their own as the overall--behemoth-- form condemned to /enlighten/ by passers that wish to creep and scurry about the premise: Light was inevitable…. "….and to those that wish to contain my very own endeavor…do take the courtesy to retract such a decision…" She paused to encourage her own exertion before continuing, "..for I shall not take this lightly."

AijinKurishimi: She did not flinch nor stop the man as she was in her own world now. The cold hand grasping hold of her chin snapped her from her own daydream. Her one charcoal eye locked onto his. His words heavy in her ears her mind not being able to wrap around what would be so bad about being able to live forever. To never let death touch or breath upon one’s soul. Nothing could be.. It was as if her thoughts were cut off as he spoke of Sofia. A chill of fear ran up her spine though she did not understand what fear was. She how ever did understand that she was not pleased with the feeling that rushed through her small frame. Her breath started to become heavy and her heart pounded so hard she was sure that she could hear it echo through the room. She reached up feeling a tickle run down her right cheek. The black ichor leaked contrasting heavy against her pasty white flesh. Her fingers quickly reaching up to wipe it away hoping that none had seen. Weakness that’s all it was, and she would destroy every part of her that was weak. She reached down with her free hand and grasped hold a fist full of the ruffles lining the bottom of her skirt and tugged so hard that the seam between the lace and the skirt could be heard tearing. She wondered if they felt pain. The thought crossed her mind as she watched the girl (Sofia) all but fall apart in front of her. Her eye watched the small sphere roll across the floor in their direction almost at the same time the male had asked to eat her. Her eye went wide for a moment and shook her head as if to ignore what ever thought had creeped through her mind. Without a second thought she bent over to swoop up the sphere only to reach out at the same time as Sofia. Krista quickly pulled her hand back afraid that she would damage the woman even more so then she was. She stumbled back tripping over the lace of the skirt that had ripped before. A line of curses flew from the girls lips as her ass smacked hard against the floor. Her curses quickly went silent upon hearing Deiah tone and Krista quickly scurried up onto her knees and then her feet completely ripping the lace from the skirt. Krista had no worry of her clothing though she knew that she would not want to be in the middle of anything between those two. Her shoes clicked and clacked against the floor quickly making her way to over to one of the pillars. She placed her back against the pillar and reached up with her left hand touching the leather patch that covered where her eye once sat.

GrimJaweMystique: -He had watched that crystalline glop swell around that eye and knew well that child inner being understood what was meant. Though the ever audacious experimentalist would assert herself with a slew of words that she must have felt a necessity, for he acknowledged her for he mentalities and of most of her products was he kindred about, all that was except for one, one in which was not a topic to be discussed at this moment on hand. Meanwhile, the child had taken a step back and this motion was derived from fear, and the manifestation of such an emotion was a byproduct that a possible outcome for harm or perhaps death could be had. His famished thoughts fled from him as he watched the child flit to a pillar. The inferno beset by his own kin launched forth a wave of heat by which Grim would relish such a fond caress. His silken tresses would they thrash about his frame as his steps covered the sleek flats below his feet. For he had begun to dawn once more on the child whom hid herself away behind the colossal support. Breaching her existence, (If she didn’t flee) would Grim bring rise to his hand as if awaiting the child to grasp it. – “Come forth” –His voice was diluted with a steel allure, for his vocals drove cold- “You spoke of your eagerness to obtain the accomplishment of unsaid ambitions , that even death could not hinder you from success and yet you flee behind pillar which too will meet an untimely fate of decay and destruction. Tell me, if death will not hinder you, why might you young lass burden the company of old stone? Either your goal is not valuable enough that you might adhere to your own law, and thus you have just abandoned it. Or perhaps you know of death and your words were a façade for the overwhelming sensations that purged your little body just a few brief moments ago. –His gaze bore down upon her as his lecture had commenced, and still would it exude from the darkened tongue of the necromancer as he held out his hand- “Have you learned nothing from my words? Take hold of my hand and excuse yourself from your station. A hazard shall not befall you as of yet, heed my words and follow my example, for astray I will not lead you”. –To exactly what extent his statement reached was unbeknownst, but he would await the grasp of the small figurine before him. His expression unchanging, but before the young gal had he stood. The glare of from flames stirred illuminated the ebony palates of the flooring and also had the illumination found its way across the hellion himself, before he stood as though one of the supreme celestials all but a mirage, though in his own right was divinity found-

DeiahAsadoMystique: Gold seers, embellished with a gloss of surprise, stared at the rapid flames that had scorned and escaped its cavern. This crimson-headed's observation did not take note of the mysterious presence (Alexander) that would linger about, but as expected, Deiah's alertness would proceed to challenge the expectations that the wandering spectator obliged all with. A short distance was kept between the assistant and her directress whilst the one that took the lead held her intentions with such prevalence. Only few did she hold with distinct importance. And when tampered with, a declaration of dismissal shall be asserted with no remorse; for this intention did not propose any mendacity. But the hostility that had arisen within the daughter of Mystique had placated into a diminished form as the presence's remnants decayed into a finite absence. More so, her 'father' and that of its new 'pet'--as she had titled -it- with--would now be found in the facet of this premise. "Deiah…" Sofia cooed with a suppressed tone as her hand would cautiously and subtly caress the limp arm that hung beside Deiah. With haste would a retort be sent as the apathetic theorist (Deiah) retracted her arm from place and would pace forward. Her orbs glanced upon the two with the stoic demeanor she had always displayed. The display of concern that Grim Jawe had given to this porcelain child had plucked from the depths of her (Deiah) reveries the memories that she concealed with great effort. An effort that had been a painstaking endeavor. It was the motif that blessed this beloved vision: Fear. Yes, it was her (Deiah) fear that had forced a decision to reprimand all forms of emotional acceptance. Yes, it was her fear to accept the true nature of mortality. Yes, it was her fear that evaded a chance to consolidate her weaknesses. Yes, it was her fear that had produced an iron wall that disarmed betrayals and treacherous deceit amidst. Yes, it was her fear… It was this fear of attachment that had caused Deiah Amdis to become the calculated female that she is now. From the continuance of an observant's disapproval would the wind's callous howling burst forth the doors that hindered passage. The scorn that had been felt from their wielder's entreatment, had been felt. Neighing of Hell's steeds intertwined with such phenomena that in a myriad of moments and a few more seconds of claimed observation would the nonchalant Deiah take her exeunt, who was shortly followed by the ever so loyal, Sofia.

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Re: The Evolving Tides

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AijinKurishimi: Krista looked up and her heart started to race once more. Her body trembled and this feeling of doom washed over her as she felt the heat wash through the room. The sounds outside caused her to whip her head to the side trying to see out at what it was. She felt danger lurking in every corner now. The panic had taken control of the once logical almost emotionless mind. The fact that she didn’t know or understand this feeling caused her to panic even more. Her breaths became so shallow her head went dizzy. Her hand rested upon the cold stone of the pillar trying to steady herself. Grim approached her and her eye went wide as he moved towards her. Was he going to make her feel this way, why did he. The emotions that ran through the girl caused nothing but pure chaos and madness. He stretched out his hand to her and she took a step back from him. Her eye looked up and locked with his for a moment. Her body shivered for a moment and she leaned against the cold stone pressing her forehead to it. His words causing her mind and emotions to jumble even more. What was it that she wanted, what was this feeling, where was she going, hell who was she at that very moment. Her breathing had become short gasps and her knees buckled as she dropped to the floor. Her hand still raised above her head on the stone wall as if gripping hold of it would help grasp hold of the sanity she felt she was loosing. Her breath caught in her throat and her fingers quickly grasped around her neck as if trying to claw the fear from her very being. With in moments the girl’s small lithe frame had completely crumpled to the floor with an almost sickening thud as her head hit the floor. Almost on contact of her head with the floor, her chest rose and fell with the air she had been lacking from her panic. She lay still other then the slow rhythmic rises and falls of her chest. Her hair casted over her pale face, her eye closed and her fists clenched tightly around the hilts of the daggers with now seemed to whimper quietly.

GrimJaweMystique: -His hand retracted as he watched the small lass in her episode, yes he would have watched her struggle to gain control of the situation that was pending. He watched up until she took her last gasp of air, and then unconsciousness fell upon her. As she lay crumpled upon the hardened marble would he move inward, yes further now he trekked until he was upon her petite existence. There was not time to be wasted and he bent at the knees and scooped the dainty creature up within his arms. Like his daughter before him, though in less of a frenzy, would he find his way to the doorway. The twilight graced the desert plains, and would his saunter take him, with child in arms across the regions. He approached swiftly the main manor, with the youth slung over his shoulders did he silently make his entrance, but to the confines of the conjured nook would he plot to put the being. Through the secret passage way would he trot, and stumbling upon the sector by which a wall of décor played its façade, would he cram his decrepit hand against the awkward seal of a canines skull painted as a merle upon the obstruction. A dense fog plumed as the wall quivers, and then sank upon contact. The dreary hues brought about a sense of euphoria for the deceased one, and as he slipped within would the scene unfold. For the room held the ornaments of a graveyard and that of a well equipped office. He makes haste to the leather couch to which he dedicates the body of the little one while in her slumber. The sector was blissfully kept to a degree that was most comfortable, but still grim removed his over coat and veiled the fem with the portion of his ensemble. Here now, where he felt she would be most comforted, and assuredly safe from his deranged family, would he keep her till morning broke the evening. All the while after letting the chambers door shut behind him, would he begin his hunt. For those who were inclined to open such a domain, would they need the access to potent magics, and that which were referenced to the dead. Few new of this little station Grim kept, but surely if often he was to be sought, this was perhaps the first and foremost place to seek. -

Re: Rakdos De Majesty : The Evolving Tides Series (In Developement )

FoxyMystique: ~A thud could be heard as the window was forced opened, the gales fluttering into the domain where Foxy and Grim called their bedroom. Startled from the noise Foxy jolted up. In a moment's notice, the lass’s chestnut beams scanned the room looking for her lover as always; he had left her. The voice in her head laughed; sarky was taunting the mouse. Pulling on the silken onyx robe trying not to let it bother her that Grim wasn’t in bed, the meek one glanced at the ash hued rose clasping her five talons around the stem of the beauty, then placing her ice pick on the right side of her garter. Foxy’s demeanor started to change a blank stare would be seen on this dame once she made her way down the halls of Rakdos manor. The ice pick known as Rune scraped the walls of the building the demoness would sing in a low tone.- The misssssrreess of thheee nniighhhtt is on the prowl her loovverrr gggoonneee and where might he be?- A sadistic laugh was let loose now picking up her speed the temperature seemed to get to a frost feel as the derange dahlia made her way to Grim’s hidden room.- Oh where oh where can my dead man be oh where oh where has hide the bodies for thee?- Cocking her head to the right as her dainty feet made their way into his secret room. Toggling her nose in the air catching a whiff of her better half did she catch the aroma of the rotting corpse? Not thinking twice she would snatch up the jacket that laid on the couch? Wanting to take in her lovers scent did she find a small girl curled up on his sofa? Moving in for a better look Foxy came inches from the little one, as if she was talking to herself in a mumble she spoke~ My my what a doll we have here you remind me of my Deiah when she was a youngster.- Foxy’s three inch claws would come an inch away from this girls face gently placing her finger by her face closing her tigress orbs the black rose took in the child’s scent.-And why are you in my loves office? This is odd yessss odd to say the least.

AijinKurushimi: Krista had woken in the middle of the night and bolted up dropping the rather large and heavy leather coat. The thick mass of onyx leather pooled and crumbled to the floor on the side of the couch. Reaching up Krista rubbed her one good eye allowing her to adjust to the lighting of the small room. Her breathing had now settled as did the girl’s fear. Her nose wrinkled taking in the rotting stench of decay. Leaning over the side of the couch she pulled with some difficulty the heavy coat back up around her. Her small fingers wrapped around the collar and pulled it to her nose. Her eye closed as she inhaled the scent of Grim with child curiosity. He had touched her.. Her fingers reached up running her fingers along her chin where he had grabbed her and forced her to look into the reality. She let out a heavy sigh and flung herself back down against the pillow and pulled the jacket all the way up over her head. What was this man doing to her, these feelings that he had caused to well up inside her chest. Was that what they called fear? Her eye closed and she rolled onto her side curling up into a fetal position. The heavy coat some how made her feel safe. As much as the man had brought that strange feeling of doom; he had also brought her a feeling of security. Slowly she had drifted back of into a dreamless sleep. She stirred in her sleep as the heavy blanket of a jacket was pulled from her small lithe frame. Her body shivered and squeezed into a tight ball. She yawned and rolled over and (if foxy doesn’t pull away) jammed her cheek into the woman’s claw. The pain brought Krista fully awake as she quickly pulled her balled self up into the corner of the couch. Her soft charcoal eye locked onto the woman which was now all but hovering over her. This feeling of fear welled up inside her chest and her breathing quickened. Her voice started to shake as she spoke. “Wh..Who... “ She paused for a moment trying to calm her self. She swallowed the lump in her throat and shook her head. She spoke this time with a bit of defiance to her words. “Who, are you?”

FoxyMystique: ~Noticing the girl moved forward into the Foxy’s dagger like nails did blood shed? Taken back from the meek one whom seemed to be scared that wasn’t her intention to hurt or scare others unless deserved. Noticing the ice pick in her right hand Foxy placed the weapon it it’s rightful place. The room began to warm up as Foxy wasn’t feeling paranoid at the moment.- My name is Foxy Mystique I am the Empress of Rakdos De Majesty, and whom might you be if I may ask? I won’t harm you in fact I wonder what are you doing in my husband’s secret room? This isn’t a place anyone comes it’s almost forbidden if caught here most usually die at his expense. Although I won’t let anyone hurt you.- The innocent dame held her hand out for the child to take, Foxy was sweet in nature and was very motherly she couldn’t help but notice this girl reminded her of Deiah and felt a certain closeness to her.- If I may ask you a question? Where are your parents? – Waiting for a reply Foxy stood there holding her hand out with a half smile yet concerned at why is she in Grim’s place and where are her parents? Has she been feed? Is she hurt oh the poor dear? Taking a look around as if Grim could walk in wanting her for breakfast or a midnight snack did the lass try and get them out of his sanctuary.-

AijinKurushimi: Krista blinked at the woman for a moment before her body relaxed visibly. Her nose wrinkled while she listened to the woman speak. ‘So this is his wife?’ She thought to herself. She bought her hand up to her mouth to stifle a yawn. Last nights occurrences were still slightly foggy to her. ‘Did he bring her here? He must have he had his coat.’ The thought made her almost panic. ‘His coat where did it go!’ She quickly moved up onto her knees and looked over the back of the couch and then turned to hang herself upside down over the edge of the couch looking under it. Her hair cascading down over her head in an almost comical fashion. She sat back up and let the blood rush back to her head before her eye fell upon the woman’s hand where she held his coat. ‘How foolish I am.’ A rose colored blush painted the girl’s cheek. “I.. um... Was.. Um.. I lost something...” She stuttered out trying to explain her odd behavior. She wrinkled her nose as the soft rose color faded from her cheeks. “I think your husband brought me here....” She played with the hem of her skirt which the lace was now torn off discarded somewhere in that place. ‘My backpack!’ She had lost something she wondered if it was back in that room. Though the thoughts of last nights ordeal made her want nothing to do with that room at the moment. Her mind finally calmed once more and she remembered that the woman had asked her about her parents. A frown pulled at the girl’s pouty lips. “I have no parents, I had someone I once called mother.” She paused for a moment and tugged at the skirt once more. “I think she will try to kill me now.” She paused once more as she let the thought run through her mind. ‘Death... She did not want death.. He had told her death was a gift but.. No it was a curse!’ It was very obvious that the girl was having some sort of internal struggle as her brow furrowed and her fists clenched tightly around the soft cotton fabric of her skirt turning her knuckles white. It was almost as if she had completely forgotten the woman was even there as her mind ran in circles around itself.

FoxyMystique: -Tugging on her bottom lip the plasma ran wildly into her mouth, the warm scarlet liquid gave her a quick pick me up she so desired. Honey seers lazily gazing to the little one crouching closer. –What is it you think you’ve lost? I think Grim brought you here to protect you? Tis very unusual normally he eats children such as yourself yet here you are in his jacket non the less.- Tossing her husband’s jacket to the adolescent knowing the room was cold from when she came in there was frost even ice beginning to form around the room. –Lost you say? Aren’t we all lost? Or were your purposely routed to be here? –Taking a sniff of her rose that was held in her left hand. Yes Yes we need to be on our way you see although at this moment you are safe you really aren’t do you get me? If others know of your where about’s you could be their next meal of course maybe they won’t eat you…maybe you will be placed in the woods or oooorrrr given back to your mother it sounds like you love so much? YES??? – Tilting her head up watching the black widow eating it’s mate the spider showed no mercy and still got a meal from the mate Foxy thought what a lovely display of effect ion the web was that of silk and the male insect seemed he happen to be in the right place at the right time but was her really?- What was I saying? – Breathing in the flower again the room started to drop the windows frozen the crystals were forming as Foxy’s breath could be seen. There isn’t a backpack here Missy it looks like Grimmeh might have it? Or not? Either way you don’t have it BUT would you like it? SSSHHHHHHHH you hear that? – Letting a breath of warm air out Foxy huffed on the window trying to look out scanning the perimeters for the dead man known as her lover.~

AijinKurushimi: Krista blinked ever so slightly at the woman before her before she was pelted with the heavy leather coat. A quiet ooph sound as it landed against her chest. Though Krista was happy to wrap the coat tightly around her frame. She wondered if the woman before her was crazy. The thought did not scare her, on the contrary the insane tended to be more fun and entertaining. The woman spoke about giving Krista back to her mother and the girl’s body visibly stiffened. The twin daggers now making them selves know started to scream out and bicker with each other. How her mother dealt with such annoying blades were beyond the girl’s comprehension. Krista’s fingers reached down and smacked the side of each of the daggers which seemed to dull their sound to a low muffle. The woman sat before her and told her to shush. A defiant snort escaped Krista’s nose and she crossed her arms, even though her entire frame was covered by the large coat it was evident that she was throwing a bit of a fit. She would not go back to that woman, she would not let anyone control her any more. Of course these were simple childish thoughts.

FoxyMystique: My dear I think it would be a good idea if we went to the Rakdos Tavern Of Grace, I believe Grim could be getting some food, I do believe there to be good eating mortals roaming about there.- Fluffing her raven locks as she tapped her index claw against her plush oral receptors letting a crimson splash come out of it’s opening.- Does this hue fit me?- A callous grin made its way to Foxy’s face, not a care in the world the creature wore her ash silk gown bound for the haunted forest that was known to wake up in the mist of the night. Did Foxy look back at “Krista”? Would she just leave her there? It didn’t matter she needed her other half and with or without the young one she would make her journey out of the manor onto the gravel below her the mad would ooze into her toes a warm sensation it was but the woman known as Foxy would conjure the mist around her as she strolled along the path the slurping noises had been made from the gravel meeting her moist cold feet. In a stern voice a rather deranged Foxy would mutter.- You must follow along or else the woods come to life and will come and get you. Oh dear did I mention A lass by the name of Mystique roams these woods and she feels the need to come out in the wee hours of the night, don’t let this face fool you little girl you haven’t seen nothing yet and lets hope it stays that way.- Clasping her rose tight did Foxy make the rain pour down so the noises would go away since they were so loud she couldn’t think.-

AijinKurushimi: Krista shook her head and let out a small sigh at the woman’s words. The moment Krista had heard that Grim would be there she needed no other persuasions. Krista did not bother to even answer as she stood up and slipped the rather large coat on. Her small frame completely swimming in it. From the waist of the coat down pooled onto the floor. She covered her mouth and giggled some as she grabbed the edged of it pulling it closed around the short black and white dress. The small shoes clicked against the floor as she started to follow the woman out. As a hound at the heel of its Master’s feet she quickly kept pace with the woman. The trail of the large coat trailing behind her in the dirt. The long black wavy hair bounced about her shoulders as each small step was like a slow trot to keep up with her. The moment the rain started to fall Krista squeaked and pulled up the collar of the coat over her head trying to stop herself from becoming completely soaked. It took all her concentration to keep up and not trip over the cumbersome security blanket she had now come to grasp hold of, though through some miracle she succeeded in not falling on her face.

FoxyMystique: -A roar could be heard through the valley, Foxy’s bare feet melted into the mud coming up to her calfs. The fog became so dense she kept a close eye on the youngster; the black rose was consumed with thoughts of her husband being gone yet again for how long? Was he around the lands or did he venture to the outer realms not to come back for months? She was hunting and Grim was her target he has to be around he just has to. A sinister voice could be heard while thrashing into the woods with a kid trailing not to far behind her. Foxxxxxxyyyyy my little prey are you listening to me? She knew all to well who’s voice that was and he wasn’t so pleasant nnooo he was the devil himself reincarnated into this vessel.- Go away Judas I’m not in the mood!- Her mood seemed somber this was not the time for him to toy with her mind. BITCH I’m here for good I’m not going anywhere. Foxy seemed some what out of it she sauntered over to pine tree the base has been covered with leaves with mud covering a forty inch sword a slight glimmer showed Judas his tool was ready for him. The beast seers changed from a honey hue to a scarlet tinge. As the being breath outwards you could see the mist coming from his nostrils fangs dangled down glaring at the young innocent girl. Taking the razor/sword from the ground did Judas place the beast in his left hand chanting to himself.- Swestzz endema alrsazta vetish partackbem.- The sky now belting out snow flakes; the size of sand dollars his intention was obvious but the male wouldn’t stop till he knew this brat was dead.-

Krista had been following the woman who had calmed to be Grim’s wife for quiet a while. Her soft charcoal eye darting left and right out into the forest around her. The woman seemed to be lost in thought and Krista was not one to mettle in the mind of another. Her lips pulled down into a frown though none would be able to see it. The overly large leather jacket she had now taken claim to was pooled about her feet as she stumbled along. Strands of the onyx locks plastered to her face making her look very much like a drowned rat. Her own thoughts ran through her mind of what was going to become of her. She had heard all sorts of horror stories though the thing she feared most at the moment was her mother finding her. How she would try to kill her new friends and take her away. The change in the weather caused Krista to snap out of her thoughts and blink as the snow started to drift down onto her like ash from the sky. Her mouth opened to speak though at the moment another voice ringing out into the night’s sky. Krista went silent looking for where it had come from and the woman before her spoke out to him. Did the woman know the owner of such a horrid voice. As the woman walked over to the tree pulling something out Krista quirked a brow wondering what in the world was going on. When Foxy had turned around Krista did not understand what was going on at first seeing more the intent behind eyes of the woman more so then the color. Her fingers wrapped around the hilts of the two daggers which screamed out in fury. It had been to long since they had feed, to long since they had tasted the blood of a kill. Though Krista was not very good at fighting all as of yet she knew more then well enough to protect herself. Her ears twitched at the sound of the chant and could feel the magic start to thicken in the area. Her eye narrowed slightly as she stood her ground as the woman moved closer to her. Her own voice rang out as she for the first in to long started to use the power that she had sacrificed so much for. As she spoke the area around her would quickly start to shimmer and melt into the reality that she was creating. “The young girl had been following the woman but it was not the girl but the woman’s husband. He would stand there with confusion in his eyes. The smell of his rotting flesh would pick up and drift along the wind to the woman’s nose telling her that this was her husband.” Krista had spent enough time watching Grim to know most of the small details and she had hoped that the illusion would fool the woman long enough for her to at least figure out what else she could do. More then anything though she hoped that the woman did not have a hunger to kill her husband as well.

GrimJaweMystique: -He sat thoroughly satisfied, wooden skewer driven into the crevasse of teeth that had just ground down the final bit of bone of his prey. The humble dance of wheat hues did radiate from the burnt candles of the haven in which he was nestled within. He had indulged on some poor child, the youths remnants still lay strewn throughout the establishment, for he had been expecting guests. One might only theorize about the horror that had taken place a mere hour prior, Grim had applied his gnashing teeth to a lad no older then thirteen, having quite literally gnawed the boy to death as he consumed him alive. The vivid scream of agony provided such thrill that it was almost ecstatic, yes gratification had come and now he peered over a small ledge at the carcass that remained so absurdly scattered. Around too had lain marvelous tresses of winter complexion, yes the locks of white, did their purities lay drifted about places both here and there. For it was Grim Jawe Mystique who had most often ripped the tassels from his own skull, the masochist hadn’t minded the misery that was served with such a dysfunction display and now atop of his head sat tattered strands of frayed beauty, wonderfully fallen to his face in sweet disarray. Like a feline had he managed to adjust himself, on all fours would he glare down in a delirious daze of insanitary perfections and would he project the toothpick forth as he hawked it from the grasp of sickened lips with a punt of puffed air, eyes wide had they bugged, but only a one of those alluring gems that brought forth such a grand vision, might have been seen tucked deep into the cavity of his cranium, his torn hair still somehow managing to frame his facial features otherwise. He basked in the heat that was permitted from the feeble candles, they were a comfort of sorts, the illuminating flames permitting him to feel at one with his surrounding. The fragrance of decay would only be intensified here, for neither Grim or the corpse below would warrant such fine aroma’s under the hand of warmth. His tongue rolled about inside the devastating jaws, a small fragment of bone would he to come to spit and whilst he had, would he take in a breath of useless air. With it came the flavor of his beloved, she must have woken again and what an early rise, she had not only ventured to such taverns on such a blessed morn, but had also done so with the child he had lain to rest. Still his high from the life he had fed kept an ongoing rush by which distorted his sanity, quite the wild nature had he endured. Kaji Da and Raijin both set tucked into their sweet little abodes, the sheaths clung to his sides, but the infernal elementalist hardly thought he would call upon their aid in this haven of sorts. The sanguine carnage that usually protruded from his maw, had it ceased, and he was enveloped in an ensemble of dark polyesters and what seemed to be garments of silk, they sufficed to add in a flare of ambience, stained in the scarlet dyes of the deceased. The spell caster lazily looked onward, estimating and calculating how much time he’d have to spare before both figurines stepped within these granite walls and whether or not he had left enough for a bite if either one of them should be craving a bit of raw, delectable flesh, less then fresh from the kill some good while ago. They would most likely find luxury within this facility but little was Grim aware of the transactions taking place, nor had he currently the care for he believed both to be safe just outside the vicinity. Patiently would he wait upon his lofty roost. This spell caster, in complete bliss for the time at hand. -

FoxyMystique: -Swiftly clasping Dez the forty inch blade did Judas stride forward towards Krista, a vision of Grim now stood in front of him this rotting corpse Foxy loved so much was here there was no need for Judas he knew the Fox was out of her hole ready to embrace her other half. Tossing the weapon down letting it hit the slosh from the snow, shivering as the ivory pelts fell upon her. Foxy gazed at the child in a concerned way knowing Judas was wreaking havoc to whomever he came in contact with. Swirling “Dahlia” about the fluff turned to a rapid rain once again as the lass’s mood changed. –My darling is that you? I’ve been searching high and low for you yet no letter or kiss to say good bye why must you make me worry darling?- Foxy was some what frustrated in her husband for the mischievous way he was known to be. Her tone demanded his attention yet there was a hint of love that came across when she spoke to him. Fooxxxyyyy your husbands been cheating on you can’t you see he leaves you at night to warm some other maidens bed up, why is he gone for long periods of time? We both know he has another family or lover you are just his scraps he chooses to be with to pass the time. Biting down on her jaws did she begin to let a few tears roll down her face she knew what Judas was saying sounded right but was he playing with her as usual? This logic made sense, Grim loved Foxy but he would take off without a single word or when he would be back and lately he’s been gone longer and longer and why at night? Who was this child that he hide from the rest of the family and why? A sadistic grin could be felt on her face as Mystique’s beams flickered showing her voided seers taking in the weapon below; then lass that stood close to her. Mystique’s murky beams squinted as to size up her new toy.-

Krista did not know much in the ways of love or relationships at that. Though she had on the other hand witnessed her mother seduce men before. She wondered if her acting would be good enough to thwart of any attacks. Her voice was a perfect match for Grim’s as the illusional Grim. “My dearest wife, you have missed the surprise I was preparing for you.” The Grim frowned some a bit of sanguine liquid dripping from the sides of his mouth. “I was preparing a dinner for us at the tavern. The tastey little thing should be getting there just now.” The Grim held out his arm offering it for her to take. “Come my love shall we dine in the moon light like the old days? No distractions, No interruptions, just me and you my dearest lovely wife.” Krista hoped to god this would work because if it didn’t the only thing she could do would be to try to run and she was not sure if she could out run this woman who seemed to have a few screws loose.

GrimJaweMystique: -He heard nothing; there was no sign of either Foxy or the child. His bony little prongs did they shift through his mop of hair. A quirk rose to his brow and still would he lurk upon the upper interior of the chambers, now would he prop himself upright and onto the soles of his shoes. An autumn tree frozen in such a glorious existence did he bound too. The limb arched as his petite self found balance on the slim extremity and with another leap would he descend to the cold stones of the floor. He hit with a repulsive thud, his scarf did he drape over his shoulders, though thrashed about as the monstrosity cantered onward toward the door, shoveling one of the quarters of his victim off to the side. He let his hand rest on the lever, and would he twist the latch pulling the door ajar only to peer out into the murky day. The alignment of his pupils shifted from vertical to horizontal, since after all his current state would hinder him from viewing what lied beyond the blankets of fog that so often catered to the acreage. With the adjustment now, would he take into the thermal signatures of his surroundings and anything that permitted any sort of heat patterns that were offset to the landscape would he find sight of. In the distance he was able to spy Krista and his beloved kitten now, for their body temperatures would unlikely mimic that of the proximity. He would call out to them, unsure of the happenings, perked happily into the archway of the tavern. His voice hitting obscure octaves, meanwhile soundings as though he had choked down a handful of crystallized shards – “If you to don’t hurry, the maggots will set into your breakfast” –He rasped, hoping only to draw in his mate and young one, though he knew how his beloved liked to frolic in the plumes of grey.-

FoxyMystique: -Damn..Damn She thought this was going to be an easy kill but nnnooooo Grim had to interrupt this play time
Mystique was going to have with the young’ in but to her surprise she wasn’t in the mood to deal with Foxy’s obnoxious spouse whom stunk to high hell. The vixen did notice this child trying to cover whom she really was she realized that only because the real Grim stood in the door way of the Tavern of Grace and his scent was to obvious to conceal. Her raven locks flowed down her back like a river as the cold liquid from the heavens fell on her creamy flesh. Knowing Grim would think she’s Foxy this siren had to banish within a few seconds did she made her way town the path into the darken woods escaping his keen eyes.As she fled away her voice would be sweet as nectar sounding like Foxy.-My love I must run I will see you later..- Grim would have gone after her if he didn’t have this girl to deal with; maybe Mystique will have another encounter with the one eyed freak. Maybe just maybe Mystique would sever the only seer she has left, after that let Omen sing her a pretty tune only to behead the awkward kid. For some odd reason Mystique would take her scent in knowing she will go to seek her out maybe for lunch or have her over for dinner.-

For a moment Krista stood there wondering if her ruse was going to work. Her heart thumped violently against her chest and she was certain that the woman before her would hear it to. She was about to step closer to take the woman as ‘Grim’ but at that very moment the real Grim had shoved his head out the door of the tavern. Krista’s jaw dropped and the only word that escaped her lips at the moment was. “Shit” The girl stood there for a moment blinking as the woman dashed off in the other direction. The long coat still draped over her shoulders. She looked back to Grim and blinked a few more times completely confused at what had just transpired. Why did she run from her husband? Her small nose wrinkled and she shivered from the cold trying to pull the jacket around her tighter. The bottom of the coat now completely matted with mud from her dragging it behind her. Krista stood there looking back and forth from between Grim and where the woman and sprinted off to. Without warning Krista squatted down and started to rock back and forth. Though she was sure Grim would not know but the entire reason for this was she had to pee so bad that she was afraid that if she stood up the entire contents of her bladder threatened to saturate the inside of her security blanket.

GrimJaweMystique: -He had listen to the irrational calling of his dearest wife. A shake came from his head as he watched the thermal imagery of his beloved sprint into the groves. She surely knew how to enjoy even the most gloom of weather. He noted then how the figurine of the child had come to crouch and he pushed off from the skeleton of the facility forward in a most staggered fashioned step. If she had remembered their first encounter, this was precisely the same variation of appearance he held himself, that same clumsy trot as though he had been highly intoxicated by some foreign substance, but the reality was this was an effort of agility, for surely his ankles should have crumbled, or perhaps he should have fallen face first into the brown globs beneath his feet. The iron hue of the clouds slinking across the earthly plane, hardly did the justice to his pasty pigmentation, for he looked to have just rolled straight out of his grave, perhaps he had. Now, the enigma let his pupils resituate themselves, in the brilliance of color could he see once again leaving behind the vision of temperature patterns. It wasn’t but a moment to soon and this oddity had latched his grasp onto the sopped through bark of the giant oaks, he’d begin to scale the natural erection, flakes and debris flitting below in his rampant actions, for he was less then shy with the haste he used. Standing quickly to thick branch did he over look the feminine gal all hunched down. His palms, did they find themselves attached to the very appendage he stood upon. He let himself sink and he ought to have plummeted to his death, but nay as he sank did he keep his grip firm. Now to the underside of the branch had he hung like one of the winged rats, (Bats) gravity pulling at the silk like leftovers of his hair, did they scatter in this bizarre position, he peering down at her with eyes a wide. He might have the resemblance of an owl at this time, a delirious smirk chiseling his horrid lips as dangled from the limb, soles and hands to the branch itself. As though curiosity ruled him over, he began to speak. His tone was administered with a hint of derangement as the heinous rasp struck the sound spectrum- “Why must you slouch so, its perfectly awful for your posture, but if you don’t mind looking like a bumpkin then by all means just sit there and mime the hunchback would you”? –Usually he was more enthralled with an intellectual conversation, but at times did he stray from such fine thoughts and into something much more. . . enticing -

Krista watched Grim moving in the odd sort of elegant way at least that was how she saw it. Her eyes fallowing each stumble, each sway, each small twitch he made getting closer and closer to her. Her eye went wide as he took to the trees only to hand and dangle above her like some sort of cat toy. She had to fight the urge to reach up and bat at his hair as it swung to and fro in the wind. For a moment she had completely forgotten why it was she had squatted down in the first place. It felt as if her entire insides were on fire as she tried to hold in everything not wanting to desecrate the one thing that had made her feel safe in this entire adventure. She squeaked and squirmed some pressing the heal of her boot up against herself as if trying to cork it from coming out. Her face went from the soft pale of the moon to the dark red of his crimson eyes. The color crawled completely up to the tips of her ears. She pulled the jacket up and over her face trying to hide her embarrassment the moment she felt the heat of the golden liquid starting to trickle out and down her thighs and over her boots. She wasn't even able to speak as she felt she would die from the embarrassment of pissing herself. She sat there whimpering her panties, socks, boots, and the bottom inside of the jacket now soaked with the secretion of her bodily function. Small black ichor tears streamed down her right cheek feeling nothing but shame and horror.

GrimJaweMystique: -His eyes would shrink just as quickly as they had flung a gap moments ago. The slow thin veiling of his eyeballs as the formation of a fine slit was obtained told of his uncertainty about what had just transpired. His tongue, it would droop from his mouth suspended lifelessly as if in distaste for the situation. – “Please tell me that’s lemonade” –To late, the scent infiltrated through his nasal passages and the beady eyes of Grim Jawe Mystique would roll about in their sockets from left to right and back down again as still he clung upside down only to watch the tears well up from the single eye he could take into account. – “ I suppose that’s a nooo, hmm”? –The inquiry wasn’t meant to have a response, he relinquished his grasp and it would look to be as though he would tumble straight upon his skull, but alas as he drew near to the forest floor would he let his right hand outstretch. It gushed around his digits, the mud molding to the physical attribute that plagued the damp earth. Upon one hand did he stand, still erected vertical, though head facing the surface his palm had planted itself upon. His lengthy legs, did they remain elevated overhead, his entire physique stiffened as he peered upward at the lass’s face with great agility would he reside in his station, his speech to resound- “A lot of good weeping will get you, off to the tavern with you, chop chop before you suffer a cold or some other forsaken illness.” –He would scold as he perked two of his digits, which upon such action gave him further lift, yes perched upon to fingers would defy collapsing as his delirious gaze carried on-

Krista peaked out from under the coat at Grim hearing his comment about lemonade which made Krista wail even louder thinking the man was making fun of her. Her sounds and whimpers went silent as she watched his body fall from the branch. Her arm reaching out as if she would be able to stop him even if she wanted to. Though just as quick as she reached out she pulled back seeing that he was all but defying gravity in such a way. The tears still streamed down her face though the sounds of her cries had died off completely. Hearing his words her eye went wide open and like a spring was up and running in the direction of the tavern. The long coat flapping into the wind behind her like some superhero cape. She did not even listen to her mother this well, maybe it was because as much wonder this man instilled into her, he also instilled a fear she had never before experienced. Her feet thumped against the ground as her fingers spread wide up and pushed the still cracked open door. A small hiss escaped her lips as her eyes were blasted with the change of lighting. Her right hand quickly moving up to cover her eye from the assault of the brightness that threatened to blind her one good eye.

GrimJaweMystique: -As she had embarked in upon the tavern corridors might she have found the carnage and dismemberment of the youth. Gore painted the lit chambers, and still the incandescent flames illuminate the establishment. Meanwhile Grim would flick his right leg forward, an incredible arch wrenched his spine, his left leg following the suit of commands until his body had been warped in a disturbed pattern that should have folded any mundane beast in half, belly up had he gone though bridged by a single hand and to legs. With precise force would his elbow come to flex and a jolt was given from the two individual prongs which snapped grim upright and back merely to the soles of his feet. As though it was a minor act, did he trek back to the former place of rest and inside would he have crept. The heat swarmed his body and my how he had enjoyed the radiance of the warmth provided by the element he found so endearing, though this was no time for enlightenment, a child quickly fell into the sight of the predator. Now to the wide spring would his stride take him, the purity of the waters was magnificent and he grin sheepishly at his own abhorrent reflection and a kiss was blown to himself as he looked into the depths of the aqua. From a sheepish grin to a feral smirk would his features alter, a pitiful thought had coursed through his mind and would he call out to the little one- “Come to Grimmeh lass and be sure to put the coat aside would you?” –He would observe to see if the other would do as requested, though with children he not often asked twice-

Krista pulled her hand down from her eye slowly letting her eyes adjust to the lighting. Though once her eyes fell upon what was inside she had to choke back a scream. The boy or what she assumed to be a boy could not have been much older then herself. She swallowed hard feeling that panic once more rise up in her chest. No longer even worried about the fact that the urine that had coated her from the waist down was already starting to irritate her sensitive flesh. She how ever turned as Grim started to speak, her eye now transfixed onto him trying to pretend that the gore was not there. Though she could not as much as she tried to pretend. The smell of copper, shit, piss, and other fluids permeated the room and her eye kept being pulled back to the gore around her. She wanted to move, to do as she was told but her entire body was trembling and wouldn’t seem to work. The coat slipped off her shoulders crumpling to the floor. One step... One more.. Her entire body quake and the fear that rolled of her was as thick as the fog she had just recently stepped from. An odd thought ran through her mind and she stopped mid-step to him. The fear that had once been tangible simply disappeared. Her brow furrowed some as she made eye contact with Grim. A frown pulling at her lips as her fingers now wrapped around her hips and her head cocked to the side. “So what is it?, am I not good enough to eat?” It was a stupid question but for some reason as much as the thought scared the shit out of her, she could not help but feel a bit odd about not being good enough.

GrimJaweMystique: -Quite vivaciously now had he scampered near to her side and down was a glance given to the small creature beside him. His knee’s buckled and only brought him to a mere inch of height higher then she, though unquestionably he looked forward, not to bring his stare to her face but as if he was trying to burn a hole through the wall in the distance. His words wrapped the atmosphere in horror – “If dear child, you should like I could entertain the idea of making you into the main course this coming evening. I am sure that my beloved family would most enjoy choking down your little jello like legs, all the while listening to the harmonious tunes of your anguish as they pipe out from your tiny little throat. It would be something similar to dinner and show, it does sound glorious doesn’t it”? –His expression would not portion itself to look as though he’d fib about such things, for Grim was almost always sincere about his appetite and with a quick cranking of his neck would it promote the echo of his joints crackling in a sickly snap, his lips parted as once more the abominations tongue swept outward. It threatened the cheek of the youth as though he was sampling his grub. If she hadn’t backed away would she be savored with a lick, ever still would he exact what he had to say- “ Now step into my arms would you. I don’t want you carrying the fragrance of a litter box” –He held out his arms as if she were to place her hips into his palms, though exactly how he intended to rid the girl of the stench may remain unbeknownst to her alone-

His words brought the light into her head the question she had just asked. Her eye went wide though as he moved closer to her, her body went ridged and she tried not to squirm. His tongue ran across her cheek and her eye closed tight her small frame shaking once more and the fear rolled off her. She flinched but she wanted to try to prove that she wasn't afraid though it was obvious to anyone, even the slowest in the special ed class could have told the girl was scared shitless she still wanted to portray the facade. Krista’s eye cracked open as he pulled away and made the suggestion for her to enter into his arms. Her head cocked to the right causing the locks to cascade over her face. “How is that going to help me smell better?”

GrimJaweMystique: -This was proving to be a most difficult task, and he wondered how Foxy had managed to get the children to take their baths, but never had he entertained the idea of actually seeing how it was accomplished. So rather then sit there and ponder on vague memories would he maneuver. Without hesitation would he try and grasp her by the waste and if he maintained success in this little endeavor would she find herself tightly bound by his hands as he hurriedly scampered to the golden spring. They were quite hot, the aqua’s they were. Steam billowed from the clean flats and if all went accordingly would he begin to dunk the child a multitude of into the establishments pond. From left to right, and right to left, swaying as he continued to dip her, rotating her body beneath the pool so that the waters would cleanse her of her urine. His hoarse song rang out as he continually went through with what he believe to be the correct route of things. – “Wash and scrub, in this bloody tub, if you don’t listen I’ll turn you into grub. Thoughts of food, and dearest lovely kitten tooo, they are all mine to be had just like a munched down that lad” –He torques her position to that she might see the slaughter that he had partaken in and continued to sing- “But don’t you worry, no don’t you fret, because Foxy is out to severe someones head I bet. Poor unfortunate souls, and ugly little trolls, will they all die for my Foxy she is ever sly” –It turned into something like a ramble as he might have been found to shake the child in the pool, this was of course if she hadn’t resisted him and evaded his clasping hands-

She let out a scream as he grabbed old of her and picked her up like a rag doll. She kicked out trying to squirm away though of no avail she was to short and his arms to long. She panicked and looked over her shoulder trying to see where it was that he was taking her. The strange pond in the center of the tavern which billowed up steam. “No no no no no no!” She the last no garbled as she was dunked into the water. Her eye quickly closing not knowing what was in the water and trying to protect the little sight she had left. She flailed splashing water everywhere which was sure to soak Grim who’s words only made the situation worse. She paused in her screaming and flailing the moment he had lifted her out enough to look over at the gore that was splattered across the tavern. Her body once more going ridged not wanting to be eaten.

GrimJaweMystique: -Since she had been dashed around the water for a long remainder of time, would he be well aware that she perhaps not only may have come clean but also by now have a shriveled hide. He final brought a rise to frail little self and plopped her down to the old granite flooring. He had intended that she stay put as his words rung out for her to heed- “Now you might be water logged from hair to toenail but I can most assuredly fix that” –He applied an impish grin, and his brow wriggled as his madness came into play- “For you look as though you’re a watered down rat, my my my this will never do”. –As if his tangents hadn’t been enough this morn, and neither had dunking her, he had come up with another plot to finish out what he had begun, she would either bolt or await to see what commences in the few moments that had yet to surpass her-

As Krista was unceremoniously plopped onto the floor with a squishy thud she squeaked. Just like he said she looked more like a drowned little creature then any resemblance of a female child. Her long black hair pestered over her face, the short black dress so heavy with water it was now hard for Krista to move. Her shoes made squishy sounds as she stood up with a huff. She reached up trying to pull the long onyx strands from her face. The frown pulled at her lips as her fingers reached up and adjusted the small leather eye patch which at this time did not seem to want to stay put. If Grim had been watching at all he would have noticed the girl had nothing but an empty socket where her eye should have been. “You ruined my cloths! You bully!” She growled as she stomped forward in an attempt to kick Grin square in the shin with all her tiny might. Though upon reaching him should her kick actually make contact or not, with the mix of how heavy her dress was and how wet the floor was. It was almost comical in the fact that Krista flipped up and onto her back. The shrill scream was more from shock then the fear or pain. The sickening almost hollow thud that echoed in the room as she landed flat onto her back. The dress now up and over her head muffling her loud grumbles and curses. Fumbling to sit up and grab and remove the dress which clung to her face like a leech.

GrimJaweMystique: He too had been doused by the fluids within as she had thrown the tantrum when once he had plunked her about in the shallow tides. Unlike herself however, had the droplets been evaporated with haste as his body temperatures were slightly more elevated then her own. As she had gone forth to sock him in the shin, would he watch with hesitance to stabilize the lass as she landed on her backside, only to witness her actions as she might have struggled with the garments that enveloped her bitsy self - “ Mighty you lil missy find it best to pay heed to your surroundings, we wouldn’t want to split that precious little skull of yours open now would we”? –Eyes peeled wide as he simply watched her fret with the cloths would he deem her a sloppy mess- “Organization is key …and Foxy dearest O’kitten of mine, would she just think terribly of me if I just let you sit there like a water logged mouse. So allow me . .” –Without further au due would he proper his fingers up to his lips, those slabs of flesh that seemed no less then disease inflicted and hells gales rolled on he exhaled with pursed lips. The heat would have been severe at first, though for the angle at which he directed the infernal currents, would it indirectly affect that which he had intended to an effect upon. The tavern floors would burn with a amber hue, the casual ignition of hot stone came into consideration, meanwhile would the sweltering ripples of the tempest threaten to significantly suck the last water vapor from her dress, maybe even bring around a lovely rose complexion to the smaller female. Oh, however had he underestimated the time allotted that it would take to create an stove top out of the granite foundation. Its fevered orange shades would mean a roasting of flesh if one lingered to long upon such grounds, little care did he have as he quite enjoyed a little tan from time to time. -

She paused for a moment finally ripping the dress from her face just in time to listen to his words. He was right as much as she hated to admit it. Her emotions mostly her short temper that got her into more trouble then not. Her eye blinked a few times as the floor started to heat up. A look of panic filled her face as she quickly tried to scramble to her feet. It took her a moment to realize what it was that Grim was doing and the panic finally settled down. She closed her eyes and clenched her fists tight trying to fight her natural instinct to run. Her body shook for the moments it took for her body, clothing, and even her hair to dry out. The acts of being dunked and the rapid heating had caused her hair to fluff out making it look almost like a small black birds nest. Her fingers quickly moving to untangle the strands of silken locks. She still did not say one word to Grim as the look of irritation randomly crossed her face as she looked up at him.

GrimJaweMystique: -He then quickly realized a matter that needed tending and he scowled in the process and then bore a grin- “Places to go and people to see, lass you better run off before someone else of a more disastrous nature finds you as a delectable snack, for if my son Pyro happens to tread in, you’ll be mere bones like the lad there” –He once again made mention of the corpse that was strewn about messily. – “ We wouldn’t want that now would we”? –His interest had piqued since she had yet to flee from the he, this monstrosity whom could just have easily been done with her, but instead continued to allow her existence and yet through his expression had she yet to also prove an a pestilent figure to him either. He would shoe her from the tavern almost frantically, for he knew that had she been spotted by another might she just end up as scraps, for these regions were haunted with the most obscure individuals and the sooner she realized that, the sooner her safety would come. Grim Jawe Mystique had also other endeavors this day that he intended to erect, ones that were not at all suitable for the child and for such sakes would he try to influence her to find her place elsewhere. A thought crossed his mind, that insane plane were not a soul knew to dabble, for it was unreachable by any and all. ‘There is no need to insure her survival, so then why must you care? What is the purpose of your effort?’ he let the thought seep for a moment and discarded it without perusing what it allured to, yes out the door would he entice her to take her leave- “Come along my itsy bitsy, to make haste is not to waste” –Out from the structure would he trek, it was his desire that she would heed his word-

She blinked softly up at him as her fingers reached up and wrapped around the soft leather patch that once covered her socket. Now cracked and broken from the fast heating. A frown pulled at her lips as she looked back up to him listening to his words. She still did not bother speaking to him, it would seem that for the most part unless in anger or curiosity the child never spoke. As Grim had turned to walk out the door Krista ran over to his coat which had been tossed to the side and now wreaked of warm piss. Krista did not care as she wrapped the coat once more around her tiny frame and without anything provocation quickly let her small feet trail after Grim. He had told her to go, but where to go she had no where. She tried to be as quiet as possible but dragging half a leather coat along the ground behind you wreaking of piss was not that stealth like.

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